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  • Blog Post: PSA: Humble Store 2K Sale Includes Free Spec Ops: The Line

    The Humble Store is currently running a weekend-long sale on 2K Games titles. And, if you purchase at least one, you’ll get a free copy of Spec Ops: The Line. Included in the sale are classics like Sid Meier’s Civilization III Complete for $1.29 and more recent titles, including XCOM: Complete... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Lead Writer Walt Williams Departs 2K Games

    Walt Williams, who is credited as lead writer on Spec Ops: The Line , has announced his departure from publisher 2K Games. Williams, who has been with 2K since mid-2005, says he will be staying in the game industry. More recently, Williams is credited as a senior writer on Civilization: Beyond Earth... More
  • Blog Post: 2K Putting Together Amazing Software Bundles

    2K is combing its archives to give gamers discount collections on some of its biggest titles. Gamers can now pick up these bundles at participating retailers (click the source link below for which packs are available where) for $30 apiece. All of them except the Strategy Collection (PC) are available... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Developer Working On Next-Gen Title

    Berlin-based Yager, creators of Spec Ops: The Line (shown) has licensed Epic's Unreal Engine 4 for use in an unannounced next-gen title. Yager said in a press release that the title will be a major triple-A game that it expects to unveil in the coming months. In the opinion of Timo Ullmann, Yager's... More
  • Blog Post: The Games Of 2012 Crammed Into A Two Minute Video

    YouTube user Malcolm Klock took it upon himself to go through some of the games that came out this year, edit them together, and create the video you see below. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say, “I totally forgot that game came out this year,” when you watch 2012 In... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Co-op Multiplayer Out Now

    The free cooperative multiplayer game mode for Spec Ops: The Line is now available to download, 2K Games announced. The new mode features four objective-based cooperative multiplayer scenarios, each with their own objectives environments, and playable characters. You must own a copy of the game to play... More
  • Blog Post: Max Payne 3 & Spec Ops: The Line Don't Bolster Take-Two

    Publisher Take-Two has reported a $110.8 million loss for the first quarter of this year, and the company has specifically cited lower-than-expected sales of Max Payne 3 and Spec Ops: The Line for the dip. The publisher did not cite sales numbers or expectations for the pair, but in a conference call... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Launch Trailer Maintains A Gritty Tone

    Spec Ops: The Line comes out tomorrow, which is great timing for this launch trailer. Fans of crescendos, shooters, and giant floating quotes aren't going to want to miss this one. The game aims to provide an unflinching account of war, as chaos erupts in a post-sandstorm Dubai. Take a look at the... More
  • Blog Post: Go Behind The Line With New Spec Ops' Developer Diary

    Players will be given a deeper look into Spec Ops: The Line in 2K's developer diary. In advance of the game hitting stores on June 26th, 2K games has released the first part of a video series title Spec Ops: Beyond The Line. In it developers talk about the unique setting of Dubai after a massive... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Reveals Cooperative Multiplayer Details

    Update: Trailer added. 2K has new info out about their upcoming shooter; after you're done with single player, you can play a new mode with friends. The new mode will be available to everyone who purchases Spec Ops: The Line, but 2K isn't specific about whether a special code will be necessary... More
  • Blog Post: Borderlands 2 Playable At PAX East, XCOM To Be Demoed

    2K Games just announced the lineup of titles it's bringing to PAX East in April, and two former Game Informer cover games will be at the show. Most notable will be the playable co-op demo of Gearbox's Borderlands 2. You'll be able to play with another gamer as characters Salvador Gunzerker... More
  • Blog Post: Play Borderlands 2 At PAX East

    2K is letting fans go hands-on with Borderlands 2 and Spec Ops: The Line next month at PAX East. Additonally, 2K will have theater demonstrations of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Civilization V: God & Kings. Borderlands 2 is at booth #936 and Spec Ops: The Line is at booth #924 There will also be three... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Delayed, Premium Edition Pre-Order Detailed

    Spec Ops: The Line now has a firm release date, and although it's probably a little later than you'd hoped. At least the game's Premium Edition sounds promising for multiplayer fans. The PC, 360, and PS3 title comes out on June 26 – a delay from the expected spring release – but... More
  • Blog Post: 2K Games Releases New Spec Ops Screens

    2K Games' newest military shooter, Spec Ops: The Line, likely won’t release until late in the year, but it’s already building some steam. The game’s latest trailer certainly got us excited. Spec Ops puts players in charge of Captain Martin Walker, leader of an elite Delta Force... More
  • Blog Post: Spec Ops: The Line Trailer Involves Guns And Sand

    Desert warfare has been raging on throughout the annals of history. Stamina-draining treks across sand dunes and inhospitable, sun-baked environments have been the theater for gritty combat for thousands of years, However, not until 2K Games' Spec Ops: The Line has such an important geographical... More
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