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  • Blog Post: April’s PlayStation Plus Offerings Include Dishonored, Killzone, And More

    April begins tomorrow, and that means its time to start talking about the next batch of PlayStation Plus games. While you still have a week left to get March’s games (and you should do that before you forget), here’s what’s coming in April. Headlining the month is Arkane’s Dishonored... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham Knight Gets Two PlayStation 4 Bundles

    Batman is going to need help to stay alive in Arkham Knight, and Sony is offering two PS4 bundles with the game when it comes out on June 23rd. Regardless if you pick up one of the bundles, anyone playing the game on the PS4 will get first crack at bonus content for the game. The Limited Edition bundle... More
  • Blog Post: Spotify Arrives On PlayStation Today, No Plus Required

    Sony has announced that Spotify will launch today on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. You don't need PlayStation Plus to use it, and it sounds like you don't need a Spotify premium membership. Spotify's paid program removes the ads, improves audio quality, and gives users access to music... More
  • Blog Post: Everything You Need To Know About Bloodborne...Well Some Things

    We're guessing that most of you could probably use a break from Bloodborne. The game mercilessly tears players apart, but surprisingly keeps them coming back for more. Why don't you step back, take a fresh breath of air, and watch this video on the game while you collect yourself. Watch this... More
  • Blog Post: Bloodborne Predecessor Shadow Tower Coming To PSN Next Week

    Since the release of surprise hit Demon’s Souls in 2009, From Software has carved out a niche and built a loyal following. As you may be aware, the PlayStation 3 exclusive was built upon earlier concepts in games like King’s Field and Shadow Tower. If you’ve never played the latter... More
  • Blog Post: From Software Working On Fix, Offers Workaround For Bloodborne Progression Bug

    Sony has let us know that there is a progression bug affecting a small number of Bloodborne players. In order to avoid spoilers, we’ll not disclose the specific nature of the bug, but rather what you can do to avoid falling victim to it. It happens when users attempt to join a game as a co-op guest... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Announces End Of Free-To-Play Destiny Of Spirits Exactly One Year After Release

    Sony released Destiny of Spirits for the Vita on March 25, 2014, here in North America. Exactly a year later, the company announced it is ending the game. The title will begin winding down in April in Europe and Asia with the cessation of in-game currency sales. The cutoff to purchase orbs in North America... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Save 10 Percent In The PlayStation Store This Weekend

    Have you been eyeballing Bloodborne or considering the season pass for Life is Strange? Whether those are on your buy list or you’ve got other titles in mind, you can save on a purchase in the PlayStation Store this weekend. Sony is offering 10 percent off a single cart-full of games and media... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: God Of War: Ascension Ultimate Bundle Was Free... But You Missed It

    Update: Apparently, this was a glitch in the store that existed during a short window. According to a post on the PlayStation Blog yesterday, the full game and DLC bundle is discounted to $12 ($8 for PlayStation Plus members). The DLC bundle alone is supposed to be free for Plus, though. Original Story... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Finally Getting Promised Suspend/Resume Feature Tomorrow

    Sony has announced that PlayStation 4 firmware update 2.5 (codenamed “Yukimura”), will arrive tomorrow, March 26. The update includes a number of anticipated features, chief among them the long awaited “suspend/resume.” Suspend/resume allows players to pick up exactly where they... More
  • Blog Post: From Software ‘Exploring’ Patch To Improve Bloodborne Load Times

    If you’ve been playing Bloodborne since its midnight launch this morning, you may have noticed that load times aren’t quite ideal. Sony and developer From Software are aware and have addressed the matter. In a statement provided to Game Informer , there’s hope that the load times might... More
  • Blog Post: Early Access Coming For Sony's MOBA-Like Kill Strain

    Sony revealed Kill Strain for the PlayStation 4 at its PlayStation Experience event late last year. The MOBA-like game pits three teams against one another, in an unusual 5v2v5 configuration. If that asymmetrical setup sounds interesting to you, Sony San Diego has announced that prospective players will... More
  • Blog Post: God Of War 3 Is The Latest Remaster Headed To Current-Gen

    With Uncharted 4 delayed, one question has echoed in the mind of PlayStation 4 owners: “What else is on tap for this year?” After hearing your cries for more information about this year’s lineup, the publisher has decided to share some news. God of War 3 is being remastered with release... More
  • Blog Post: Donate Blood, Get Bloodborne – But Only In Denmark

    Sony Denmark is teaming up with Danish blood donation organization GivBlod to gather blood donations in exchange for copies of Bloodborne on PlayStation 4. Donators can actually choose between Bloodborne and other undisclosed PlayStation 4 games, but the campaign is focusing on Bloodborne for obvious... More
  • Blog Post: Helldivers' Reinforcement DLC Available Today

    Helldivers released on March 3, and developer Arrowhead Studios is supporting the title with a new onslaught of DLC. The commando pack, defender pack, and support pack give players new outfits and new items to assist in the war effort. On the PlayStation Blog , Arrowhead co-founder Malin Hedström... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Not So Fast Sony - Nintendo Says 3DS Was Top Dog In February

    Update : A Sony representative confirmed via email that their previous statement only meant to say that PlayStation 4 was the best selling home console hardware, beating Xbox One and Wii U. Nintendo's statement that 3DS was the best selling game hardware in February is accuarate. Sony declined to... More
  • Blog Post: February 2015 NPD – Majora's Mask Leads A Robust Month For Industry

    February NPD numbers are in and everyone has a reason to be happy this month. The NPD group reports that hardware, software, and accessories all saw gains in February, and all three console makers are touting their own successes. Total hardware sales are up 10 percent over last year, at $378.2 million... More
  • Blog Post: PS4 Tops Console Hardware And Software Sales In February

    Sony has sent out a press release ahead of the February NPD report claiming another victory over Xbox One for its current-gen console. We're expecting the February NPD numbers to come in any time now, but Sony isn't waiting to share its good news. According to the company, The PlayStation 4 was... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Update 2.50 To Add Suspend/Resume Functions And More

    The next update for for the PlayStation 4, version 2.50 (titled Yukimura) adds a couple of worthwhile features to the console – like the ability to quickly boot up your game. You can find the full details of the update here (which isn't available yet, but should be soon), but here are the big... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Mobile Will Close This Summer, No Re-Downloads After September

    Sony has announced that is ending its program to bring smaller titles to Vita and Android. PlayStation Mobile will be ending this summer according to a note in the PlayStation forums. Content distribution will be stopped as of July 15, 2015. After September 10, you will not be able to re-download purchased... More
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