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  • Blog Post: Guitar Hero DLC Catalog To Be Shut Down Soon

    The final nail in Guitar Hero's coffins: Activision will be taking down all its downloadable song offerings for the series soon. According to Activision, after March 31 you will not be able to purchase downloadable tracks for any Guitar Hero titles, or tracks for sister games Band Hero or DJ Hero... More
  • Blog Post: Stevie Wonder, Coldplay DLC Coming To Rock Band 3

    One of the most talented musicians of all time and Gwyneth Paltrow's husband's band are coming to Harmonix's ever-growing roster of downloadable songs. Harmonix announced some future DLC plans today to celebrate reaching 2 million "Likes" on its Facebook page . I honestly can't... More
  • Blog Post: Soundgarden's Feeling Minnesota With New Rock Band Song Pack

    Soundgarden, one of the bands that flew the flannel flag of grunge in the '90s, is coming back to Rock Band with a six-pack of its most popular songs. The band is currently working on a new album and in the middle of a new worldwide comeback tour. I listened to some Soundgarden the other day on my... More
  • Blog Post: Poison And 3 Doors Down Song Packs Released For Rock Band

    Do you want to play some of the greatest rock music of all time in Rock Band 3? No? Well have we got the DLC for you. The mascara and Aquanet addicts in Poison and the...uh...regular type dudes with guitars and stuff in 3 Doors Down have released three song packs of some of their biggest tunes. The packs... More
  • Blog Post: Stevie Nicks And Fleetwood Mac Bewitch Rock Band 3

    Stevie Nicks is rock n' roll's premiere gypsy woman, so let's light some candles, put a scarf over the table lamp, and groove out to these new DLC songs for Rock Band 3. Today, Harmonix announced that a six-song pack that features Nicks material from Fleetwood Mac and her solo career will... More
  • Blog Post: Singers Wanted For Square Enix's Gun Loco Theme Song Contest

    Are you a singer looking for your big break? Square Enix's upcoming gonzo action game Gun Loco could be your springboard to stardom, or at least temporary Internet fame (those are essentially the same thing nowadays anyway). Starting September 9th, you can go to the Square-Enix Members website and... More
  • Blog Post: Green Day: Rock Band Track List Revealed

    When Harmonix and MTV announced the June 8 release for Green Day: Rock Band, it was promised to include 47 tracks. Wondering if it's worth the investment? The 47-track set list has been revealed by Entertainment Weekly. Check out the full list below. The Warehouse Dookie (1994) “Burnout”... More
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