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  • Blog Post: John Smedley Stepping Down As President From Daybreak Games

    John Smedley is stepping down as the president of Daybreak Games – formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment – for an undetermined role with the MMO company. A statement from a spokesperson for Daybreak to GamesBeat reads: "I can confirm that John Smedley will be taking some time off... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Online's H1Z1 Hits Steam Early Access

    You can now get an early look at Sony Online's upcoming zombie survial multiplayer game. H1Z1 is now available as a Steam Early Access title. There are two tiers of Early Access: Standard ($19.99) and Premium ($39.99). Standard gets you three event tickets, two crates, and one crate key, while Premium... More
  • Blog Post: Landmark Adds Combat To The Mix

    The ever-evolving Landmark has long been a place to explore, craft, and create, but now combat has finally arrived. We took a peek at Landmark to check in on how things are going at PAX Prime 2014. Monsters haven’t arrived just yet and are probably a few months down the line, but players are now... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Online Entertainment's All Access Pass Delayed

    SOE's upcoming plans to umbrella all of its online games under one monthly fee has been delayed in order to make the program as seamless as possible. Under the new plan, players would have access to Sony Online Entertainment's library of games including titles like DC Universe Online, PlanetSide... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Online Entertainment Announces Zombie-Themed MMO H1Z1

    As teased earlier , Sony Online Entertainment has revealed a new MMO set in a post apocalyptic world filled with zombies. The game is called H1Z1 and it should be playable soon. During an episode of the Game Talk Live podcast , Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley talked about the new game... More
  • Blog Post: Amazon Fury Part 1 DLC Coming To DC Universe Online

    This spring DC Universe Online is getting story-based DLC featuring Wonder Woman as she tries to save Gotham from her mother, Queen of the Amazons. As the name implies, this is the first part in a three-part series of DLC, and Part 1 features weapon mastery (to master multiple weapon types), the ability... More
  • Blog Post: SOE Confirms PS4 Everquest Next & Talks Star Wars Galaxies

    Sony Online Entertainment president John Smedley recently divulged the company's plans for Everquest Next on PS4 and how it plans to appeal to Star Wars Galaxies fans. Responding to fans in an "Ask Me Anything" session, Smedley was straight up about Everquest Next appearing on the PS4 at... More
  • Blog Post: Four Sony Online MMOs Are Getting The Axe

    This year will see the end of four MMO titles published by Sony Online Entertainment. At unspecified dates in 2014, development of Free Realms, Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, and Wizardry Online will officially be shut down. It's part of an effort on SOE's part to... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Online Considering One-Price Subscription For All Its Games

    Soon, you may be able to get premium access to all of Sony Online's stable of games, including Planetside 2 and the upcoming Everquest Next, for one monthly fee. On Reddit, SOE head John Smedley detailed the company's possible plans: "We are considering (and are likely going to move forward... More
  • Blog Post: Former Blizzard And Sony Executives Open Molten Games

    Paul Della Bitta, former global head of e-sports and community at Blizzard, Jungwon Hahn former head of Blizzard's Korean office, and Blaine Smith, who has a history in the Company of Heroes and God of War franchises, have come together to create Molten Games. The new studio doesn't have any... More
  • Blog Post: SOE's Bullet Run Shutting Down

    Bullet Run was announced less than a year ago, but Sony Online Entertainment and Acony Games are shutting down the free-to-play FPS. As of today, billing for the game has stopped. Players with accounts in good standing will be able to continue playing until March 8, at which point the servers will go... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Online Announces Free-To-Play Shooter Bullet Run

    Sony Online Entertainment is expanding its offering of free-to-play games with a new competitive multiplayer shooter entitled Bullet Run. The game's fiction places players in a near-future deathmatch style TV game show (a plot we're pretty sure has never been previously used in any movie or game... More
  • Blog Post: EverQuest II Boasts 300% Increase In New Subscriptions

    In December of last year, EverQuest II went free-to-play, and according to publisher Sony Online Entertainment, the move has paid off. The company says that new subscriptions have jumped almost 300 percent since the switch, and daily logins have also increased by 40 percent. While SOE didn't give... More
  • Blog Post: A Look At One Of 2011’s Overlooked Gems: Rochard

    Recoil Games' gravity defying 2D space action/puzzle/platformer was one of this year's most entertaining downloadable titles, but not enough people played it. Let’s fix that. Okay, look, here’s the deal. We’re professionals over here at Game Informer, but we live busy lives... More
  • Blog Post: DC Universe Online Continues To See Growth

    It appears going Free-to-Play is the best way if you have a struggling MMO game on your hands. Since removing the monthly subscription costs earlier this month, DC Universe Online continues to see growth in its revenue and active players. Sony Online Entertainment recently announced it gained one million... More
  • Blog Post: Reminder: DC Universe Is Free Now

    Are you looking for a fun MMO that doesn't cost any money? Sony Online's DC Universe has now joined the world of free-to-play. As promised , the superhero-themed online game now has three tiers of access (one of which costs no money). This should be especially interesting to PS3 gamers, given... More
  • Blog Post: Payday: The Heist's New Release Date

    Sony Online Entertainment confirmed a new release date for Payday: The Heist. The game was delayed earlier this month for a last-minute clean up and is now scheduled for release on October 18 through PlayStation Network for $19.99. "Once again, SOE would like to thank the loyal community for your... More
  • Blog Post: Comic Icon Marv Wolfman Creates Planetside 2 Backstory

    Marv Wolfman doesn’t just have a great name; he’s a legendary figure in the comic’s industry, famous for his extraordinary run on and The New Teen Titans and for creating Marvel’s character Blade. Wolfman recently helped craft the story for DC Universe Online, but he’s not... More
  • Blog Post: Payday: The Heist Suffers Last-Minute Delay

    The fast-paced, bank-robbing shooter Payday was supposed to come out on PSN today. Instead, Sony and developer Overkill have delayed the game until later in the month. The team at Overkill apparently needs a little more time to ensure "overall game quality," and since the game isn't coming... More
  • Blog Post: DC Universe Online Green Lantern DLC Goes Free

    Sony Online Entertainment announced today that the "Fight for the Light" DLC pack for its PC/PS3 MMO DC Universe Online is getting a price cut from its original $10 cost down to nothing. All U.S. DCUO subscribers can download it for free when it goes live on September 6. The Green Lantern-themed... More
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