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  • Blog Post: Smooth McGroove’s Latest Comes From An SNES Classic

    A cappella soundtrack performer Smooth McGroove has released a new track from a classic SNES action RPG. Square's Secret of Mana featured a exciting combat, a compelling story, and an extremely enjoyable soundtrack. McGroove’s latest is “Into the Thick of It,” which comes from the... More
  • Blog Post: Smooth McGroove Leads Us To Final Fantasy VII Victory

    The bearded a cappella wonder is back, and while this latest arrangement isn't quite as long as his previous work , it's no less wonderful. Some might argue that Final Fantasy VII is the best the series has ever been. They are wrong, that would be Final Fantasy VI. Still, it does have a catchy... More
  • Blog Post: Guile's Theme Goes With Everything, Especially When Sung A Cappella

    Smooth McGroove is rapidly becoming a YouTube mainstay for fans of game soundtracks. His rendition of Guile's theme from Street Fighter II makes everything better.. You may not have heard of Mr. McGroove yet, but I can almost guarantee that after watching this video you'll seek out as much of... More
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