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  • Blog Post: A Checklist Of Skylanders: Trap Team Figures

    Update (6/7/2015): The entire set of Skylanders: Trap Team figures is now available. Once you're caught up, be sure to check out our extensive preview of this year's game, Skylanders Superchargers . Update (3/18/2015): Another wave of figures will be arriving to retail soon. This batch includes... More
  • Blog Post: Musical Videos Showcase Skylanders Characters

    In light of the upcoming Grammy Awards, Activision has released five lighthearted new videos portraying different Skylanders: Trap Team characters’ musical talents. These promotional videos include gigs by Wolfgang, The Skeletones, Head Rush, and more. Each character performance is portrayed as... More
  • Blog Post: Watch The Skylanders Sing Their Version Of The 12 Days Of Christmas

    The holidays are fast approaching, and people everywhere are finding ways to express their cheer in between panic attacks and night terrors about getting the wrong gift for that special someone. For the Skylanders, that means buddying up and singing their own unique version of The 12 Days of Christmas... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Traps Shelf Space At Apple Stores Across The United States

    If you walk into an Apple store today, you’ll be able to purchase the tablet version of Skylanders: Trap Team. You might recall from our earlier coverage , that this is the first time that Activision has released a full version on mobile devices, complete with a portal. The mobile starter packs... More
  • Blog Post: Voice Actor James Arnold Taylor Performs 95 Voices In Under 6 Minutes

    You might not know who James Arnold Taylor is, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard his voice before. He’s been featured in a number of video games, including the titular Lombax in Ratchet & Clank. Taylor’s IMDB listing is a litany of familiar roles, including Tidus in Final... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Undead Element Skylanders Celebrate Halloween In ‘Trick or Trap'

    Humans aren’t the only ones who like to celebrate Halloween. As the new Skylanders: Trap Team trailer "Trick or Trap" shows, it’s a festive time for the undead element Skylanders too. The video shows off what the undead Skylanders do best; Wolfgang jams out on his skeleton guitar... More
  • Blog Post: Skylanders Eon’s Elite Are Three Times More Powerful Than Other Figures

    When Skylanders was first announced, there was a healthy amount of skepticism about the combination of toys and video games. Activision and developer Toys for Bob proved the concept, building the property into a $2 billion mammoth over the past three years. This year, Activision is introducing a line... More
  • Blog Post: New Releases This Week: October 5 Through October 11

    If you recall, this was supposed to be the most titanic week in 2014 gaming . Three AAA action games, two basketball games, and more were supposed to be flooding our consoles and PCs. And then… things changed. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor was bumped up a week, Dragon Age: Inquisition was delayed... More
  • Blog Post: Kid Reporters Ask Kevin Love The Big Questions In This Cute E3 Skylanders Interview

    Crack kid reporter team Sophie and Stellan trapped Timberwolf NBA player Kevin Love at E3 this year, and weren’t afraid to confront him with the big questions, like: “If you could trap one of your opponents, and put them on the T-Wolves, who would it be?” and “What’s the... More
  • Blog Post: IDW Is Bringing Skylanders To Comic Books

    Skylanders are everywhere. They are plastered on backpacks, thermoses, phone cases, pajamas, and bathroom accessories. It was only a matter of time until their stories were told in print. Starting this October, IDW Publishing and Activision are joining forces to bring Skylanders to comic books. The first... More
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