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  • Blog Post: WGA Announces Video Game Writing Nominees

    The Writers Guild of America’s East and West labor unions have united to announce nominations for achievement in video game writing for 2010. An awards ceremony will be held on February 5 simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York to honor the best qualifying video game scripts released from December... More
  • Blog Post: 40 Raven Developers Hit The Job Market

    Two score former employees of Singularity developer Raven Software are making an unforeseen entry into the job market due to a recent round of layoffs at the Activision-owned company. According to Kotaku , Raven has let approximately 40 employees go as it trims down from the recently released Singularity... More
  • Blog Post: Is Multiplayer A Requirement For New Games?

    With the growth of online multiplayer as a major force on consoles this generation, we've seen a new issue pop up in the industry: Are developers required to put a multiplayer mode in their games? Obviously developers don't need to do anything, but more and more often it seems like superfluous... More
  • Blog Post: Singularity's Creation Detailed In Raven Software Blog

    Raven Software's Singularity isn't getting the buzz it deserves. Along with Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake, and Red Dead: Redemption, Singularity is one of 2010's most memorable games. I don't often force games upon people, but you really do owe it to yourself to play it. Raven Software's... More
  • Blog Post: Singularity Multiplayer Trailer Is Sick

    Have you heard about Singularity’s multiplayer? It’s chock full of cool stuff like man vs. monster gameplay, team-healing, time-warping, and…projectile vomiting. This new trailer from Activision showcases the grizzly horror of the game’s competitive play, and I gotta say it looks... More
  • Blog Post: Blood Suckers – Weekly Roundup 6/28

    EA’s APB, Sin & Punishment, Naughty Bear, and Lego Harry Potter all hit retail this week. We’re more excited about downloadable deals, though; PB Winterbottom will be available at a greatly discounted rate of 400 Microsoft Points for a limited time. But the above releases aren’t... More
  • Blog Post: Singularity Multiplayer Trailer Highlights Turf Tactics

    We’ve got a new multiplayer trailer for Raven’s upcoming shooter. In it Design Lead Gustavo Rasche details the turf war between mutant creatures and the soldiers sent to exterminate them. Check out the game in action below. Singularity hits retail next Tuesday. More
  • Blog Post: How To Stop Enemies In Their Tracks In Singularity

    We've already seen how the Time Manipulation Device in Singularity allows you to age enemies to death , but what other tricks does it have? The latest trailer from Activision shows off the "Deadlock" feature. Watch the video below for a first look at how you can slow down enemies, bullets... More
  • Blog Post: New Singularity Trailer Features Good Old-Fashioned Face-Melting

    A new trailer has been released for Raven Software's upcoming FPS Singularity. While it doesn't show any gameplay footage, it's a nice CG teaser that shows off a bit of the Time Manipulation Device used by your protagonist. Check it out below, and look out for some Raiders of the Lost Ark... More
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