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  • Blog Post: Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 Getting Solo Play

    Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is getting four-player co-op, a single-player mode, and some content from the original game will transfer to the sequel. A live gameplay demo from Electronic Arts' press conference showcased new classes like the Imp, Super Brains, and a new sniper-class zombie... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Do You Play Military Shooters Strictly For Multiplayer?

    When it comes to games like Call of Duty and Battlefield, are you in it only for the multiplayer? The single-player? Or both? I could be totally wrong about this (hopefully the comments will provide some insight) but I feel like an anomaly in that I prefer the single-player campaigns in these types of... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Nintendo's Recent Splatoon Single-Player Trailer In 60 FPS

    It's not a new trailer, but Nintendo has released a new version of it that pumps the frames-per-second up to 60. To see the updated trailer at it's full potential, you will need to watch the trailer below in a Chrome browser and click the cog in the corner of the video. Unsurprisingly, the game... More
  • Blog Post: [Trailer Added] Nintendo Details Splatoon Single-Player Content

    It's octopus versus squid in Splatoon's single-player component. When the game was unveiled at E3, all Nintendo was willing to talk about was the game's multiplayer modes, and it wouldn't even confirm if there weer plans for a single-player game. Today. during a Nintendo Direct, Nintendo... More
  • Blog Post: Bohemia To Release First Arma 3 Campaign DLC

    The first in Bohemia's promised three single-player DLC episodes will be release by month's end. On Bohemia's website, Arma 3 creative director Jay Crowe said, "Our first campaign episode, 'Survive', introduces players to Ben Kerry, a regular soldier who's part of a NATO... More
  • Blog Post: Get Access To The God Of War: Ascension Demo A Week Early

    The God of War: Ascension single-player demo will release on February 26, but those who participate in the Rise of the Warrior social experience will be able to access a week early, on February 20. Check out the latest teaser trailer below, and if you're really hungry for info don't miss our... More
  • Blog Post: God Of War: Ascension Single-Player Demo Coming In February

    Along with releasing a clip of single-player footage from God of War: Ascension, Sony has also announced that a demo for the game will be made available in late February. A demo for the game was included with the recent Blu-ray release of Total Recall , and it's unclear if this will be that same... More
  • Blog Post: EA Says Single-Player Gaming Is On The Way Out

    Speaking with Develop , EA Games president Frank Gibeau says that the company will be focusing on "connected" gameplay experiences, and says that the era of single-player only experiences is likely coming to an end. "Online is where the innovation, and the action, is at" said Gibeau... More
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