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  • Blog Post: Roller Coaster Tycoon World Rides Out Of 2015

    Roller Coaster Tycoon World was slated to launch on December 10, but Atari reveals that's no longer the case. Following feedback from the game's recent beta weekend, the team has decided to delay the game to early 2016 in order to address those concerns. The to-do list of improvements include... More
  • Blog Post: Cities: Skylines After Dark Expansion Available Today

    Colossal Order has released a rhyme-tastic trailer for After Dark, the first major expansion for its hit city-simulator Cities: Skylines. The add-on introduces several new ways to interact with your city once the sun sets. Night-time introduces several new challenges for budding city planners. Players... More
  • Blog Post: The Sims 4 Gives Players A Blank Slate With Free Newcrest Update

    EA has announced that it is bringing some new content to The Sims 4 next week. Starting on June 11, players will be able to download Newcrest, a free update that gives players a bit more space to work with. With Newcrest, EA is adding three new neighborhoods, each with five vacant lots to build on. The... More
  • Blog Post: Clockwork Empires Hits Steam Early Access Soon

    Gaslamp Games, the studio behind Dungeons of Dredmor, are letting their new colony-building game, Clockwork Empires, hit Steam very soon. Starting August 15, Clockwork Empires will be available on Steam Early Access for $29.99. In the simulation game, you attempt to keep your city and population thriving... More
  • Blog Post: Local Multiplayer Coming To Goat Simulator

    Do you wish you could share your crazy goat experiences with a friend? You're in luck. Local multiplayer is coming to Goat Simulator free of charge next month. In addition to local multiplayer, Goat Simulator patch 1.1 will also include a new map roughly the same size of the original, new achievements... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Star Citizen for 24 Hours

    Star Citizen isn't finished yet, but that doesn't mean you can't spend your weekend with it. Over at the redesigned Roberts Space Industries website , the Star Citizen team is hosting a 24-hour live stream. It began today at 11 AM Central. The developers plan reveal new content, introduce... More
  • Blog Post: Updated: EA And Maxis Announce The Sims 4

    [Update] Electronic Arts has revealed a little more info about The Sims 4, including the fact that fans don't need to worry about a repeat performance of SimCity .The Sims 4 is a single-player, offline experience with a focus of personalization and sharing. [Original Story] The Sims is a juggernaut... More
  • Blog Post: A Note About Our SimCity Review

    You may have noticed some reviews for SimCity popping up online today. So why haven't you seen Game Informer's review among them? Unlike previous SimCity titles, this one has an integrated, always-on multiplayer experience . Reviewers have been able to play on test servers, but the full global... More
  • Blog Post: Mobster Sim Omerta: City of Gangsters Goes Gold

    Kalypso Media USA is preparing for the February 12th release of Omerta: City of Gangsters for Xbox 360 and PC, and they've sent out a press release today confirming that the game has gone gold. Set in 1920s Atlantic City, the new title from the Tropico 4 developer places gamers in the shoes of a... More
  • Blog Post: Grab Your Hard Hats, SimCity Launch Month Revealed

    Electronic Arts has announced that gaming's original city-building simulator, SimCity, will arrive early next year. February 2013 is as specific as EA is getting regarding the PC game's release for now. Spend your time waiting for a specific release date by daydreaming all about the awesome metropolis... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Flight Trailer Shows Off Its Free Goods

    Microsoft Flight Simulator has been around since the early days of Windows, but it never looked anywhere near so good as it does in its latest incarnation. Though Flight lacks the "Simulator" in its name, this free-to-play PC game is as dedicated to recreating reality as ever. Not that you... More
  • Blog Post: Tropico 4 Announced

    Kalypso Media sent out my personal favorite press release of the month, broadcasting that Tropico 4 is in development! Franchise originators Haemimont Games are behind the next city building simulation in the series, and appear to be sticking with the same tongue-in-cheek dictatorial aesthetic while... More
  • Blog Post: Stronghold 3 Announced

    Original developer Firefly Studios is bringing the PC strategy/sim series back for more. Published by SouthPeak Games, Stronghold 3 is dragging the franchise into the present day with (relatively) modern graphics and an improved grid-less model for building the castles and villages that are the lifeblood... More
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