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  • Blog Post: Did You Know Gaming Takes A Look In The Rear-view Mirror At The Simpsons Hit And Run

    Do you remember The Simpsons Hit & Run? I sure do. I commonly refer to it as "The Grand Theft Auto My Parents Would Let Me Play." Well, Did You Know Gaming took a drive down memory lane and brought back a video with some facts about one of the better games made out from The Simpsons. Per... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Unconfirmed Franchises Do You Want To See In Lego Dimensions?

    Announced earlier this week , Lego Dimensions seeks to mash-up a collection of Lego universes with Disney Infinity and Skylanders-style toys.What franchises do you hope are included? Franchises confirmed for inclusion so far include Back to the Future, Ninjago, DC characters like Batman, Wonder Woman... More
  • Blog Post: Every Futurama Character Collected In One Massive Image

    It may not be directly related to video games, but this collection of every Futurama character from the show's entire run is too impressive not to share. The image comes from DeviantArt artist Unrellius who spent 14 months putting together the image you see above. You can see the full, very high... More
  • Blog Post: Simpson’s Arcade Game Might Finally Come To Consoles

    Konami’s Simpson’s Arcade game from the early ‘90s is widely considered one of the finest beat ‘em ups of it’s era, and yet we still haven’t seen the game ported to modern consoles as a digital download. Is that about to change? The Australian Classification Board... More
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