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  • Blog Post: Konami Readying Duo Of Silent Hill Games For Vita

    Konami announced today that two Silent Hill titles, Origins and Shattered Memories, will be coming to Vita. The announcement only specifies a European release right now, and we’re waiting on word from Konami about plans for North America. We gave PSP title Origins a 7.75, citing its “tired... More
  • Blog Post: Climax Wants To Return To Silent Hill

    Last December, Harry Mason's visit to Silent Hill was reimagined with Silent Hill: Shattered memories. It appears that Mr. Mason’s return to the haunted town has inspired developer Climax, as they have stated interest in returning to the Konami’s signature horror franchise. During a chat... More
  • Blog Post: Silent Hill Dev Questions Success Of Hardcore Wii Games

    This past Tuesday Silent Hill: Shattered Memories hit the Nintendo Wii. Rated Mature, the game is another addition to the Wii’s small hardcore title catalog. A category known to be less-than-lucrative. The CEO of Shattered Memories developer Climax Studios has spoken out saying that the hardcore... More
  • Blog Post: New Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Trailer

    Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a re-imagining of Harry Mason’s quest to find his lost daughter in the infamous, eerie little town. This new trailer showcases Harry’s angst, ghoul-fleeing gameplay, the town’s inhabitants, and some music that will terrify you in a way you can't... More
  • Blog Post: Silent Hill Shattered Memories’s Colorful Cast Arrives December 8

    Konami’s latest entry in the Silent Hill franchise, Shattered Memories, is on its way to the Nintendo Wii on December 8. PSP and PlayStation 2 versions of Harry Mason’s quest to find his daughter Cheryl are promised shortly after. In the meantime, we have the skinny on the game’s cast... More
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