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  • Blog Post: Gamers Keep Online DS And Wii Games On Life Support

    Nintendo tried to tell them no, but the fans kept saying yes. A number of Nintendo fans have figured out a way to keep playing Nintendo titles online even after the recent server shutdown. Back in February, Nintendo announced that starting on May 20 it would pull online server hosting for a number of... More
  • Blog Post: 178 Days Since Release, DICE Confirms Battlefield 4 Still Broken

    It has been 178 days since Battlefield 4 was first released. Today, DICE confirms that the title is still not operating as intended, though fixes are being implemented. The current issue under investigation and repair is the ongoing problem with “ rubber banding .” This presents as slow or... More
  • Blog Post: Crysis And Crysis 2 Multiplayer Servers Shutting Down

    If you want to play a game's multiplayer these days you pretty much have to play it while the game is hot, because a few years down the road you might not be able to get online with the title. Case in point: The servers that Crytek use for Crysis and Crysis 2 multiplayer will be shutting down on... More
  • Blog Post: Two Million Players Helped Stress Test Titanfall During Beta

    The recent Titanfall beta helped Respawn get a good handle on how the game would hold up once the title's official release date rolls around on March 11. Fortunately, the beta was extremely useful in helping Respawn prepare for that impending launch. Titanfall is a giant multiplayer game that is... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall's Updates Might Not Interupt Your Multiplayer Sessions

    Server updates are a reality that most gamers have to deal with these days. Nothing is more frustrating than when the game you really want to play is down because the servers are getting an update. Thankfully, Respawn doesn't think they'll need to force gamers to stop playing when it updates... More
  • Blog Post: Magic: The Gathering - Tactics Going Offline Next Year

    Magic: The Gathering - Tactics, the Sony Online Entertainment developed tactics game based on the Wizards of the Coast card game series, is shutting down next year. According to an FAQ on the Magic: The Gathering - Tactics forums , the game will be shutting down next year on March 28. You can continue... More
  • Blog Post: EA Retires Online Services For Its '11 Sports Lineup

    If you are the kind of gamer that likes to wait a year or two to buy your sports games then you might want to know that EA will soon be shutting down it's online servers for many of the games it released a couple years ago. On January 11, EA will be retiring the online service for the following titles... More
  • Blog Post: Flood Of Trials Evolution Players Take Down Microsoft's Servers

    Trials Evolution is an awesome game, and apparently I'm not the only one that feels that way . The game went live yesterday, and over 100,000 players downloaded it and began posting their scores to the leaderboards. Because of the onslaught of new users, servers went down and resulted in error messages... More
  • Blog Post: Blizzard Auctioning Off Old WoW Servers For Charity

    If you played World of Warcraft back in its early days, your adventures were probably housed in one of Blizzard's HP BladeSystem servers. Now the company is auctioning off the hardware and donating the proceeds St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. According to Blizzard, the server blades being... More
  • Blog Post: [UPDATE] Sony Confirms Thousands Of Credit Cards Stolen During Hack

    UPDATE: While Japanese newspaper Nikkei.com claims that Sony fell victim to a second attack, a recent press release from Sony states that the recent credit card theft took place during the original attack on April 16. Unfortunately, Sony didn’t discover that its security had been compromised on... More
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