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  • Blog Post: Here's Your First Look At Daniel Radcliffe And Bill Paxton In BBC's GTA Dramatization

    The Gamechangers , the BBC's upcoming film covering the creation of Grand Theft Auto and its controversy starring Daniel Radcliffe and Bill Paxton has its first trailer. In the film, Radcliffe plays Rockstar co-founder, Sam Houser. Bill Paxton plays outspoken attorney and Rockstar Games rival, Jack... More
  • Blog Post: Learn About Grand Theft Auto's Controversial History

    Grand Theft Auto has been considered a controversial game since its inception, and the latest entry in the Did You Know Gaming series looks at exactly why. Most of us are familiar with Hot Coffee and its relationship to San Andreas at a surface level, but Did You Know breaks it down to showcase exactly... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Out For Android And Kindle

    The third in GTA's vaunted PlayStation 2 trilogy is now available at the Google Play and Amazon App Stores . San Andreas is, in many ways, the most ambitious GTA project up until the recent Grand Theft Auto V, and obviously served as the inspiration for that game. The game sells for $6.99. One note... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Readies Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For Mobile Devices

    The third of the PlayStation 2 Grand Theft Auto titles is coming to iOS, Android, Kindle, and Windows Mobile devices next month. GTA: San Andreas will see an update to graphics, along with three different control schemes. The title supports controllers, including Made for iOS peripherals. We've recently... More
  • Blog Post: GTA V Trailer Reconstructed In San Andreas

    Want to see how much of a difference a console generation makes? Watch the newest GTA V trailer made using clips from the PS2-era Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. San Andreas came nearly a decade ago, but video games have made big strides since then. This fan-made trailer recreates the Micheal character... More
  • Blog Post: More Grand Theft Auto Games Heading To PlayStation Network

    Both Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories are heading to PlayStation Network next week. Though originally released on the PlayStation Portable (those versions are already available on PSN), both titles will be the PlayStation 2 versions and playable on the PlayStation 3. They'll... More
  • Blog Post: Intrepid Fan Begins Building GTA V's Map Based On Screens And Trailers

    Click for larger version A motivated fan over on GTAForums.com has begun to piece together Grand Theft Auto V's map based on all the assorted screenshots and trailers that have been let loose into the public. They go by the name jbte , and have clearly spent a lot of time staring at every piece of... More
  • Blog Post: Return To San Andreas This Week On PSN

    If you're itching to return to Los Santos, you won't have to wait until the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto V. According the Playstation Blog , San Andreas will become available this week as a PS2 classic. We're big fans of the final PS2 GTA title, and we had a lot of fun revisiting... More
  • Blog Post: Cypress Hill "Back-Up Singer" Loses Grand Theft Auto Lawsuit

    Pictured above: not Michael "Shagg" Washington. Michael "Shagg" Washington, a man who claims to be a back-up singer for the '90s hip-hop group Cypress Hill, also claimed to be the inspiration for the character Carl "CJ" Johnson from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He... More
  • Blog Post: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City And San Andreas ESRB Rated For PlayStation 3

    Rockstar hasn't offered official confirmation, but ESRB ratings for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and San Andreas on PlayStation 3 have show up on the ESRB ratings website leading us to believe both will show up on the system soon. After multiple delays, Grand Theft Auto III released on the PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: GTA: Vice City And San Andreas "Very Possible" On iOS

    In celebration of its 10th anniversary, Grand Theft Auto III is coming to the iOS and Android platforms later this fall. Given this technical feat, it's not far fetched to think Rockstar could port its more popular sequels as well. Rockstar is still working to nail down the controls for the new version... More
  • Blog Post: New Game From The Cinematic Mind Behind San Andreas And Alan Wake

    Navid Khonsari was the cinematic director on well-known Rockstar projects like GTA: San Andreas, Max Payne, and Bully. His newest project is a game dealing with the turbulent events of the year 1979 in the Iranian capital of Tehran. Khonsari is no longer with Rockstar, but his production company, Inkstories... More
  • Blog Post: Fanmade GTA IV Mod Brings Niko To San Andreas

    While Grand Theft Auto IV greatly upped the series' graphics and physics, it took a step down in terms of map size (not necessarily a bad thing). For those that preferred the feel of GTA IV and the vastness of San Andreas, you'll be able to combine the two thanks to an upcoming PC mod. No word... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Reveals Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals

    With the biggest shopping day of the year approaching this week, gamers are on the lookout for awesome deals. Lucky for you, Microsoft is happy to help. They've announced a whole bunch of great price reductions this week for both retail and downloadable offerings. From Friday, November 26 until Monday... More
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