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  • Blog Post: '70s Sci-Fi Cinema Drives A New Live-Action Metroid Fan Film

    As long as there are video game fan films like this, there’s hope for a proper adaptation. Metroid: The Sky Calls is the latest in impressive fan productions that capture the spirit of their respective origins. The 11-minute film stars the Nerdist’s Jessica Chobot as Samus Aran and Halo 5... More
  • Blog Post: Mash-up Artist Rolls Out Optimus Prime/Samus Crossover

    Artist Timothy Lim is a master of mash-ups, capable of amalgamating Star Wars and Metroid, Super Mario Bros. and Transformers, and Batman and Castlevania into stunning artwork pieces. Lim’s clever twist on these iconic universes is just a small sampling of his extensive collection of video game... More
  • Blog Post: Video Game Stained Glass Art

    Artist Rick Daniels runs a shop called "MartianGlasswork" on Etsy, where he sells a variety of stained glass panels he's created. His amazing glass work seems even more impressive when you learn that he's entirely self-taught, and started only about two years ago. Most of his work is... More
  • Blog Post: Master Chief. Samus Aran. Fight!

    A new fan-made fighting game is making gamers' dreams come true. Who would win in a fight? Card Sagas War is a 16-bit fighter that combines all sorts of video game franchises together into one crazy brawl. The latest video from the game making the rounds depicts a contest that has been debated since... More
  • Blog Post: Samus Doll Melts The Heart Like A Plasma Beam

    There's cute and there's cute, and then there's this. Michelle Legendre of Deadly Sweet Plushes recently fabricated this adorably Samus Aran for a commission project, and boy is it perfect. The doll modeled after the famous female bounty hunter measures in at eight inches tall while sitting... More
  • Blog Post: Ever Wonder Where Metroids Come From?

    After learning that Metroid: Other M is more story driven than any Metroid game before it, Game Informer reader HK-47 did an Internet search on "Samus Aran origin story." In an email he sent me, he describes his search as a "disturbing journey into fan fiction" and "a sure fire... More
  • Blog Post: Build Your Own Samus Aran

    Japanese resin kit manufacturer Dimension Diver has revealed its latest set, Samus Aran in her gravity suit. This kit will hit Japan later this year, and may end up being a Wonder Fest exclusive. I'm not a huge fan of the gravity suit colors, but the range of articulation offered in this kit looks... More
  • Blog Post: Samus Shows Off Her Moves In This Metroid: Other M Trailer

    Previous Metroid: Other M trailers have had plenty of plot hints and pretty cinematics, but something always left us wanting. We finally put our finger on the glaring omission: gameplay. Team Ninja's upcoming Super Metroid sequel has received a video showcasing the Wii title's varied gameplay... More
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