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  • Blog Post: Sega Announces Total War: Rome II – Emperor Edition

    Sega and Creative Assembly are giving the 2013 strategy title a definitive second release, complete with a new campaign pack and other under-the-hood improvements. According to the press release, Emperor Edition comes with Imperator Augustus, a new campaign pack expansion that has players settling a... More
  • Blog Post: Start Conquering Again With The Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes 1.7 Patch

    A new update for Stardock's strategy title has gone live today bringing a host of updates and enhancements across the board. With the update come a handful of new screens. One of the most glaring issues noted in our review was the poor AI. Stardock promises that the AI now are capable of building... More
  • Blog Post: Tom Clancy's EndWar Online Enters Alpha

    The free-to-play browser game has just entered its closed alpha stage. The announcement came coupled with a new gameplay walkthrough video. EndWar Online is Ubisoft Shanghai's latest foray into the real-time strategy market. The game will feature single-player campaign missions as well as player... More
  • Blog Post: Sega Sues THQ For 941K In Company Of Heroes 2 Preorders

    Sega is seeking nearly $1 million from the bankrupt publisher THQ for money generated from Company of Heroes 2 Steam preorders. Sega purchased Relic Entertainment and the Company of Heroes IP in January for $26.6 million as part of THQ's bankruptcy sales . According to the claim , Sega says it's... More
  • Blog Post: Company of Heroes 2 Beta Available, Allows You To Keep Your Progress

    Squeaking in during the last weeks before launch, Relic has announced that the open beta for Company of Heroes 2 will run from today until June 18. The beta introduces players to six of the game’s maps and will offer competitive and co-operative modes for testing. The first 45 levels of the game’s... More
  • Blog Post: Sega's Free-To-Play Social RTS Godsrule: War of Mortals Launches Open Beta

    If you were curious about Sega's and Gogogic's Godsrule: War of Mortals, you can now take part in the game's open beta. Godsrule: War of Mortals seeks to blend social gaming with RTS combat, set in a familiar looking fantasy world. You'll join the battle by choosing to side with one of... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Gears Of War RTS Alpha Screenshots Leaked

    A set of screenshots reportedly taken from an alpha build of a Kinect-only Gears of War real-time strategy game have surfaced on the Internet. The screens show a top-down view of what appears to be a squad of four soldiers led by Baird. One screen implies that the mission shown is a defensive scenario... More
  • Blog Post: Play Dune II Free On Your Browser

    Westwood Studios released Dune II back in 1992. It is widely considered one of the first RTS games. Now you can play this little piece of history on your browser. Dune II might not be as fluid as modern RTSes like StarCraft II, but it was a fun little title back in the day, and fans will dig the trip... More
  • Blog Post: Command & Conquer Alliances Domains Registered By EA

    Electronic Arts went on a domain-purchasing bender a couple days ago, scooping up tons of websites that fall under the Command & Conquer Alliances banner. While we don't know anything specific about the new entry in the legendary RTS series, the websites call out recognizable C&C brands like... More
  • Blog Post: Game Of Thrones RPG On The Way

    When developer Cyanide announced Game of Thrones: Genesis , I was a little disappointed. I was excited to see a game based on George R. R. Martin's series, but why make a real-time strategy title instead of an RPG? Now, the company has revealed that it is actually making a game in each genre. Speaking... More
  • Blog Post: End Of Nations Delayed Into 2012

    We're still not sure if Petroglyph's vision of an MMORTS is brilliant or insane, but it looks like we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out. At this year's Eurogamer Expo, the game's publisher Trion Worlds announced that End Of Nations has been pushed into 2012. Never heard of... More
  • Blog Post: Irrational Reveals Its Canceled RPG/RTS Dungeon Duel

    In the days before BioShock, Irrational Games worked on an intriguing role-playing/real-time strategy hybrid titled Dungeon Duel. Today, on its official site, Irrational showed off some newly discovered concept art and design materials from the project. According to Irrational, Dungeon Duel was in development... More
  • Blog Post: Age Of Empires Online Beta Open Until Midnight Saturday

    Help Gas Powered Games and Microsoft stress test the servers for the upcoming quasi-MMO real-time strategy game with free access to the Age of Empires Online beta. Anyone can jump in and check out the game for the rest of the beta, so long as you download the client before Saturday night. Age of Empires... More
  • Blog Post: THQ Shutting Down Company Of Heroes Online

    The game isn't even out yet, and it's getting axed. THQ-owned developer Relic Entertainment put up the word on its official site this morning: The plug is being pulled on Company of Heroes Online before it even releases. Both the North American and Asian versions of the game are getting the axe... More
  • Blog Post: Anomaly: Warzone Earth Cinematic Trailer

    The upcoming RTS for PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad now has a cinematic trailer that Command & Conquer would be proud of. We haven't had our hands on the game in action yet, but its RTS action looks moderately interesting. It was recently nominated for an award in the mobile space for innovation,... More
  • Blog Post: Dota 2 Official Website Launched

    Valve opened up the official website for its upcoming action/RTS title with a helpful Q&A about the game. You may want to reinforce your F5 key to take the abuse it's sure to suffer between now and Dota 2's 2011 launch. A few things we didn't cover in our exclusive reveal of the game... More
  • Blog Post: 11bit Studios Announces Anomaly: Warzone Earth

    The Polish developer 11bit Studios, which recently came into existence with a crew of ex-CD Projekt folks, announced its first game this morning. Anomaly is a action-oriented tactical RTS that has players trying to hold back an alien invasion that shows up in the middle of Earth's cities without... More
  • Blog Post: How Big Is DotA?

    Big enough to climb the charts in Scandinavia. This insane 2006 club jam by Swedish DJ Basshunter topped out at position 2 in Finland, 7 in Denmark and Norway, and 9 in Holland (presumably because the Dutch have a certain appreciation for madness). We have entered the future, my friends. Europeans have... More
  • Blog Post: Relic Finally Drops Games For Windows Live

    The upcoming Dawn of War II standalone expansion, Retribution, uses Valve's Steamworks for its authentication and networking services rather than relying on the stillborn Games For Windows Live infrastructure. The one developer whose games were good enough to make me deal with that awful interface... More
  • Blog Post: StarCraft II Locking Out Some Gamers Due To Bug, Not Policy Change

    A minor furor has erupted online in the last few days over some gamers being unable to play StarCraft II in offline mode even after authenticating their game with Blizzard's Battle.net service. Blizzard has always said that players should be able to get a 30-day "grace period" in which... More
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