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  • Blog Post: Screen Peeking Put To The Test In Rooster Teeth's Immersion Series

    We all had that friend: the one that would constantly screen peek back when shooters were played split-screen instead of online. It was a huge advantage in game, but would it be one in real life? Rooster Teeth has released a video testing out if having the ability to see what your opponent sees is actually... More
  • Blog Post: Former Rooster Teeth Contributor David Dreger Found Dead

    David "Knuckles Dawson" Dreger, an ex-contributor at Rooster Teeth, was found dead recently in Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. Dreger went missing in late May, and his family set up a Facebook group to help assist in the search for him. A message from his family was posted on the page yesterday... More
  • Blog Post: Kinectimals: Now With Bears Takes A Horrible Turn In Hilarious Video

    Let's just skip formalities and make it a truly casual Friday. Check out this video that shows that Kinectimals' cuddly animals still have a horribly wild side. The guys at Rooster Teeth put the video together, and it's definitely made my morning. Check it out for yourself below. More
  • Blog Post: Fight Or Flight: Rooster Teeth Tackles Angry Birds

    Rovio has already revealed an intent to bring Angry Birds to theaters , but we somehow doubt that the final film will end up anything like this. Angry Birds is a good game and all, but the folks of Rooster Teeth envision a special breed of action and drama for the film. We’re not sure if Rovio... More
  • Blog Post: How Would The Average Gamer Fare Against Zombies?

    The folks behind Rooster Teeth's brilliant web series Immersion are back again, and this time they're looking at whether or not the Left 4 Dead scenario of average people taking up weapons against the undead is realistic. This test by Immersion is decidedly unscientific, but more importantly... More
  • Blog Post: How Would A Real Soldier Handle Xbox Live Idiots?

    If there's one great adversity that gamers have had to get used to facing in virtual warfare, it's the constant chatter of racist, sexist, and homophobic morons over our headsets. But how would that annoyance affect a real soldier? YouTube has the answer! Rooster Teeth's web show Immersion... More
  • Blog Post: How To Unlock A Racing Mini-Game In Halo Reach

    It turns out shooting up tons of Covenant isn't the only way to spend your time in the Halo universe. The Halo-loving dudes over at Rooster Teeth have released a video showing off the method for unlocking the "Reach Racer" warthog-racing mini-game in Halo Reach. You'll need at least... More
  • Blog Post: NCSoft And Rooster Teeth Explore The Scary Side Of Power-Leveling

    If you've ever considered using a power-leveling service to help you hit the level cap in your MMO of choice as quickly as possible, NCSoft has an important (and pretty funny) message: These companies may be making you an offer you can't refuse. In a new "The More You MMO" video made... More
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