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  • Blog Post: Red Dead Redemption Leads Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility Vote

    Last week Microsoft earned kudos for announcing its plan to make select Xbox 360 games backward compatible with the Xbox One. The tech update is launching with support for 18 titles , but Microsoft is also taking feedback on which games should be included as they expand the library. Now we have a clearer... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Moving On Next Open World Title

    Rockstar San Diego, the studio that brought us games and franchises like Red Dead Redemption (above) and Midnight Club, is hiring for what it's labeling is an open world game. Three new job postings at Gamasutra surfaced this weekend (and it looks like there are still some openings from last month... More
  • Blog Post: New Red Dead Redemption Patch Cleans Up Dirty Poker Cheat

    You're going to have to find a new way to bilk the citizens of New Austin of their hard-earned spending money. In anticipation of the upcoming Myths and Mavericks bonus pack, Rockstar Games is cleaning up some bugs and glitches in its outstanding western Red Dead Redemption with a new title update... More
  • Blog Post: Former Rockstar San Diego Employee Airs Dirty Laundry

    A former Red Dead Redemption developer recently reminisced about his job on his blog, and his memories aren't exactly filled with fondness. In his blog post entitled "My 'Life' at Rockst*r Games," artist Zero Dean chronicled his tumultuous experiences working at Rockstar San Diego... More
  • Blog Post: Holy Crap, Is That A Yeti In Red Dead Redemption?!

    Rockstar Games just published this blurry image of the mysterious beast on its website. Long rumored on message boards and speculative YouTube videos , today Rockstar teased photographic evidence of the towering monster roaming the countryside. The legendary beast goes by many names – Yeti, Bigfoot... More
  • Blog Post: Hunt Jackalopes With Free Red Dead Redemption DLC

    Rockstar is throwing a new batch of Red Dead Redemption DLC off the back of the train on October 12. This free pack includes the hunting and trading outfits that were also-rans in the GameStop pre-order bonus voting. Completing the Savvy Merchant challenge allows you to buy guns and ammo from gun shops... More
  • Blog Post: Can John Marston Survive A Zombie Uprising?

    Rockstar has released the first trailer for the Red Dead Redemption's zombie infused DLC. Watch the nightmare unfold after the break. A zombie outbreak has infected New Austin, and it's up to our favorite reluctant renegade, John Marston, to find the cure. Judging by the trailer, it looks like... More
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Goes George A. Romero With Undead Nightmare DLC

    Rockstar released the first art piece for Red Dead Redemption's Undead Nightmare expansion pack. Uh, Marston, it looks like you have something in your eye. The poster's art style reflects the zombie flick vibe Rockstar's shooting for with the new content. The Undead Nightmare pack features... More
  • Blog Post: John Marston's Badassery Memorialized In Fan Art

    Now this is a dimestore novel we'd love to find at a garage sale. As a tribute to Red Dead Redemption, artist Kelvin Chen has created this cool looking book cover starring everyone's favorite new gunslinging protagonist John Marston. All this project needs now is an author to fill the pages with... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Teases Red Dead Short Film

    Today Rockstar launched the teaser trailer for A Short Film Made From Red Dead Redemption , a 30-minute special chronicling the story of John Marston that was created using in-game footage by The Proposition director John Hillcoat. The episode airs at midnight this Saturday, May 29 on FOX. Watch the... More
  • Blog Post: Red Dead Trailer Introduces A Cast of Vagabonds

    Continuing its long running series of video teasers, Rockstar released another trailer showcasing the unsavory characters, out of place scholars, and snake oil salesmen inhabiting the world of Red Dead Redemption. With a drunken, gun-wielding Irishman, toothless prospector, rotund grifter selling false... More
  • Blog Post: New Red Dead Trailer Shows Off Its Six Shooter

    The latest trailer from Rockstar San Diego's upcoming open world Western features a PBS style narrator who breaks down all the tools of the trade reformed renegade John Marston employs during his quest for redemption. Nothing's surprising about your arsenal – the game features the standard... More
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