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  • Blog Post: Mega Man Battle Network 2 Now Available On Wii U Virtual Console

    The second part of the Mega Man Battle Network series is now available on the Wii U's Virtual Console. Part two joins Battle Network's first part , which released way back on July 31 of last year. For $7.99, you can pick up where the first game left off. Though Capcom has not revealed a date... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man X4 And X5 Heading To PlayStation 3 And Vita

    PlayStation classics Mega Man X4 and X5 are coming to the PlayStation Network for play on PlayStation 3 and Vita very soon. Mega Man X4 launches (or re-launches technically) on Tuesday September 2, while Mega Man X5 will be available on Tuesday the following week, September 9. With the launch of Mega... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Is The Best Mega Man Game?

    There are a ton of different Mega Man games across multiple Mega Man Universes, some of which overlap. Which is your favorite? Beyond defining your favorite Mega Man series, I want to know which is your favorite game. Is it Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6, Mega Man... More
  • Blog Post: See Every Super Nintendo Start Screen In One Nine Hour Video

    Following up on a previous video that featured start screens from every NES game, the same YouTube channel has published a video covering the start screens of every Super Nintendo game. The previous video clocked it at around three hours, but the new Super Press Start video triples that number coming... More
  • Blog Post: Mega Man Xover For iOS Gets A Japanese Trailer

    Mega Man Xover, the social-rpg-action mobile game for iOS devices was first shown last month, but now we get to see the game in action for a few fleeting moments. The trailer spends a lot of time flashing Japanese text all over the screen and showing off Mega Man's new look. He has a warm furry collar... More
  • Blog Post: Vote For Your Favorite Mega Man Figure

    If you're a collectible figure fan, you can do your part and help Capcom decide which Mega Man figure to make next. A poll by Capcom Japan asks fans to vote on their favorite character. The site is in Japanese, but official Capcom Blog Capcom Unity has supplied some simple how-to pictures posted... More
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