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  • Blog Post: Prime 1 Studio Reveals Highly Detailed Statue Of Arhkam Knight's Robin

    Prime 1 Studio revealed the painted prototype for their statue of Batman's young ward on Monday. Standing at roughly 32 inches tall, the Robin figure will include interchangeable heads, arms and bo staffs and will be priced at $899. The sculpt, based on Tim Drake’s appearance in Arkham Knight... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What's The Best Version Of Batman?

    It's a loaded question. You can't love them all equally. What is your favorite version of Batman? Some options include the ones seen above – the Batman: The Animated Series version, Chistopher Nolan's take on the Bat, and of course (the one likley at the forefront of your mind) the... More
  • Blog Post: Miiverse User Creates Impressive Robin Williams Tribute With Art Academy: Sketchpad

    A Miiverse user going by Craig has created an impressive Robin Williams tribute using Art Academy: Sketchpad. To see the post with the impressive art piece (seen above), head here . Craig posted his piece along with the text, "To live... to live will be an awfully big adventure.” For a different... More
  • Blog Post: Die Hard, Robin, And The Music Of Batman: Arkham Origins

    "Batman isn't Batman until there's music and lighting. Otherwise it's a guy standing there in a costume and it looks like a convention," says Eric Holmes, the creative director for Batman: Arkham Origins. While visiting Warner Bros. Games Montreal for our cover story on the next... More
  • Blog Post: Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes Releasing On Wii U This Year

    A Wii U version of Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes is slated to release in spring, with Traveller’s Tales implementing features that utilize the console’s GamePad. Chief among the additions is the ability for one player to use the GamePad in cooperative play, while the other uses the TV. This... More
  • Blog Post: Batman: Arkham City Video Shows The People Behind The Microphones

    Batman: Arkham City's game of the year edition is hitting stores next week, which explains the timing for this behind-the-scenes look at the Arkham City's recording process. Check out the video to see Batman actor Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill's Joker at the mic. As you can see below, Hamill... More
  • Blog Post: See How They Made The Sounds In Arkham City

    Foley artists have one of the coolest jobs around. They get to mess around with celery and Rollerblades at work, and they get paid to do it. Check out this new Batman: Arkham City Game of the Year Edition trailer for a behind-the-scenes look from Rocksteady's audio team. The video below focuses on... More
  • Blog Post: Poison Ivy Joins The Gang In Arkham City Lockdown

    The streets of Batman: Arkham City Lockdown have gotten a little nicer looking, thanks to an update on the iOS app. In addition to being optimized for the new iPad's display, the game is getting a pair of new enemies and an original level. As you can see from the video below, Poison Ivy and Robin... More
  • Blog Post: The Many Faces Of Robin In Batman: Arkham City

    We’ve known for some time that those who pre-order Batman: Arkham City will get one of a variety of skins for Batman, but those who pre-order the game will also be able to get a variety of skins for Robin as well. News about Robin’s alternate skins recently leaked out of Amazon Germany ,... More
  • Blog Post: First Look At Robin In Batman: Arkham City

    As we've reported before , Robin will be playable in Batman: Arkham City as part of a pre-order bonus. Now we have a full body black and white image of the Dark Knight's little buddy and a few more details. Warner Bros. Interactive confirms that the Robin you see in these images is the Tim Drake... More
  • Blog Post: Robin To Appear In Arkham Asylum 2?

    After recent Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 casting leaks , the Game Informer comic book nerds have amassed to suss out who else would logically come along for the ride. Could the Boy Wonder be a likely candidate? So Talia al Ghul's voice actor blew it on Twitter that the character will be in Arkham Asylum... More
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