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  • Blog Post: Halo 5 Infinity’s Armory DLC Detailed

    Halo 5: Guardians has already received a healthy injection of new content since its launch last year, and the flow of new content continues in the new year with the impending release of Infinity’s Armory, a DLC pack planned for launch next week. The new pack’s most important addition are... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Island Riptide Launch Trailer Announces Its Arrival

    Dead Island Riptide is upon us, and to make sure that you don't forget to run to the store and grab it, Deep Silver has released a launch trailer for the game. You can head here to read our review of Dead Island Riptide , and in a few short hours you can tune into our live stream where Andrew Reiner... More
  • Blog Post: Dead Island Riptide's Achievements Are Online

    Dead Island Riptide is a little over a week away from release, but you can get an early glimpse at its achievements right now. Along with the achievements listed below, there are also 13 secret ones. Mystery solved (15 points) - Find all the secret files Obtain level 50 (30 points) - Obtain level 50... More
  • Blog Post: Weekend Warrior 04/05/13

    Editors are starting to dive into new games like Defiance now that some of them have finished up BioShock Infinite. Well, they will if the game actually works this weekend. Mike Futter : After an amazing first week at Game Informer, I feel on top of the world… so I'm going to conquer it. Civilization... More
  • Blog Post: Deep Silver Apologizes For Its Ridiculous Dead Island Riptide Collector's Edition

    The UK version of Dead Island Riptide's collector's edition, the Zombie Bait Edition , has caused developer Deep Silver, to issue an apology on Twitter . I guess they were a little surprised that people were a little put off by the idea of owning a bloody, dismembered, beheaded, female torso... More
  • Blog Post: Rumor: Dead Stop May Be A Mobile Game Set In The Dead Island Universe

    Techland has filed a trademark for Dead Stop, and it looks like it may be some kind of mobile game, or application. The exact wording of the trademark is, "entertainment services and providing an online game via an application for mobile phones and other electronic apparatus." You now officially... More
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