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  • Blog Post: Shroud Of The Avatar Raises $2 Million In Crowdfunding

    Ultima creator Richard Garriott’s new game, Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues , has earned $1.9 million via Kickstarter. Combined with the game’s own crowdfunding site, the total reached $2,067,246. A total of 23,386 backers contributed to the project. Some of those who backed the project... More
  • Blog Post: Richard Garriott Clarifies Comments On Game Designers

    Over the last few days, Richard Garriott (the Ultima creator also known as Lord British) has been taken to task for his comments in an interview in which he said "most game designers really suck." Garriott made the controversial comments in an interview with PC Gamer. As you might expect, he... More
  • Blog Post: Ultima Creator Counting Down To Something

    Richard Garriott, creator of Ultima, who often goes by the alter ego Lord British, has a website counting down to something . Whatever it is, it seems to have something to do with Portalarium, the development studio started by Garriott back in 2009. The studio has been rumored to be working on a spiritual... More
  • Blog Post: Video Doc Shows What's Inside The Castle That Ultima Built

    Richard Garriott lives a life that most of us can barely dream of. The creator of the Ultima franchise lives in a castle and visited space in 2008. If you'd like to see just a sample of his jaw-dropping collection of curios and oddities, check out this short documentary. The clip, hosted by Garriott's... More
  • Blog Post: Garriott & EA Discussing Ultima Online 2 [Update]

    Update : A spokesperson representing Garriott has clarified his comments to Industrygamers : Richard is not CURRENTLY having conversations at high levels with Electronic Arts regarding the Ultima franchise. He never said that he is. I can assure you, however, that those conversations have taken place... More
  • Blog Post: Richard Garriott Space Trip Documentary Coming In January

    Richard "Lord British" Garriott traveled to the International Space Station aboard a Russian spacecraft for a cool $30 million in 2008. Nearly four years later, a film documenting his journey will hit theaters. Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars releases January 13... More
  • Blog Post: Court Upholds Lord British Judgement Against NCSoft

    Last summer , Ultima's Richard Garriott (also known as Lord British) won a $28 million lawsuit against NCSoft for what he says was his forced departure from the company. Now an appeals court has not only upheld that original ruling, but tacked on a nice little bonus as well. According to Gamasutra... More
  • Blog Post: Own The House That Lord British Built (For $4.1 Million)

    You probably know legendary game designer Richard Garriott best by his Ultima series in-game moniker of Lord British, but if you'd like to know him better in real life, here's an opportunity you can't miss. KUT News reports that Garriott is selling the "captivating and magical estate"... More
  • Blog Post: Interactive Achievement Awards And DICE Sessions On Xbox Live

    The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has teamed with Xbox Live to give gamers a chance to view its annual Interactive Achievement Awards as well as select sessions from the annual DICE Summit, including a speech by Ultima creator Richard Garriott. The highlights available from the awards show... More
  • Blog Post: Richard Garriott Wins $28M From NCsoft

    An Austin, Texas, court has awarded Ultima creator Richard Garriott $28 million over what it determined was his forced departure from NCsoft in 2008. At the time of his departure, a letter was posted on the Tabula Rasa website saying he was leaving the company due to his interest in spaceflight (Garriott... More
  • Blog Post: Ultima Creator Says Game Stories Have Been Failures

    The father of Ultima, Richard Garriott, made some very strong comments about the state of story-telling in games at DICE. Not only does he believe he’s written some of the best interactive dialogue in games, but he also thinks most other story-writing attempts have failed. "I as an artist... More
  • Blog Post: Ultima Creator Richard Garriott Starts New Social Gaming Company

    Richard Garriott has lived a very colorful life. He helped to create the MMO genre with Ultima Online and has more recently been heavily involved in space travel, including a stay on the International Space Station (which cost him a reported $30 million). Now, with space, the failed MMO Tabula Rasa ... More
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