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  • Blog Post: Retro Studios Not Developing Donkey Kong Country Returns For 3DS

    We learned in February that the top-notch Wii DK sequel, Donkey Kong Country Returns, will be coming to the 3DS this summer. Now we've learned the developer of the Wii game, Retro Studios, isn't working on the 3DS version. Instead, the 3DS adaptation is being handled by Monster Games, the same... More
  • Blog Post: Retro Could Collaborate On Zelda

    The development team behind the Metroid Prime series could collaborate work on a Zelda title. Speaking in an interview with Wired, Nintendo creative head Shigeru Miyamoto says fans could see future Nintendo titles be developed in collaboration between Japanese and Western studios, such as the case with... More
  • Blog Post: Retro Working On Popular Title For Nintendo HD Console

    Since we broke the news that Nintendo was getting set to unveil a new, HD-ready system at E3, tons of news has been coming out about the system. The latest is that Metroid Prime trilogy developer Retro Studios is working on a title for the console. The Paul Gale Network says it has talked to two different... More
  • Blog Post: No Sequel Planned For Donkey Kong Country Returns

    If you’re expecting Nintendo to deliver a quick and dirty sequel to last year’s hit Donkey Kong Country Returns, you might want to scale back your expectations. For one, Retro Studio’s president and CEO Michael Kelbaugh told us that making a platformer was a lot more work than he expected... More
  • Blog Post: Was Retro Working On Metroid 1.5?

    According to documents supposedly leaked from a level designer for Retro Studios, the Metroid Prime developer had pitched Nintendo on a game known as Metroid 1.5 -- a title set between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. A sharp-eyed member of the NeoGAF forums discovered this massive proposal... More
  • Blog Post: Early Donkey Kong Art Impresses

    Unrestricted by technology or the manifestation of play, concept art is routinely some of the most impressive and intriguing images made available in early game design. Artist Sammy Hall of Retro Studios has shared a gallery of “pre-visuals, concept arts, and production illustrations,” from... More
  • Blog Post: Quick 15: Donkey Kong Country Returns

    Donkey Kong Country Returns is a blast. It's a nostalgia-soaked romp through some of the most difficult platforming that you'll see this generation. It's like being choked out by your baby blanket. Check out the video below (which picks up where Reiner and Phil left off) to get an idea of... More
  • Blog Post: First Hands-On With Donkey Kong Country Returns

    I was raised on the NES and SNES, and my favorite genre growing up was 2D platformers. Though the 8- and 16-bit Mario games always (rightfully) hogged the spotlight, I had a special love for Rare’s trio of Donkey Kong Country games on the SNES. As such, you can imagine my pleasure to hear that... More
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