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  • Blog Post: Unannounced Respawn Project Will Be A Third-Person Action/Adventure Game

    A job posting for a senior level designer at Respawn Entertainment discloses that the company's non-Titanfall 2 project will be a third-person action/adventure title. The posting at Gamasutra reads: We are now recruiting designers for two game development projects – a new game in the Titanfall... More
  • Blog Post: Respawn Partners With Nexon For Free-To-Play Mobile Titanfall Games

    While we’re still waiting on news of Respawn’s next game, today brings details on related projects in the Titanfall universe. Respawn is teaming up with Nexon for a joint investment in Particle City, a studio who will be making mobile Titanfall games. The multi-game, multi-year deal gives... More
  • Blog Post: Don’t Expect Titanfall 2 Until After April 1, 2016

    During its year-end earnings call, EA addressed a question about the next Titanfall title. If you want to return to Respawn’s universe, you’ll be waiting at least until 2016. When asked about whether the title might land in the current fiscal year (ending March 31, 2015), EA suggested a later... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] All Titanfall DLC Free On Xbox One, Xbox 360, And PC

    Update: EA has confirmed that the free TItanfall DLC is in celebration of the game's one-year anniversary. The PC DLC is now free, also. "Thanks again to all of you who’ve supported us and we can’t wait to make more games for you in the future," writes Respawn founder Vince... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall Has 7 Million Unique Users, Deluxe Edition Drops In

    Update : As we mentioned in the "Our Take" section, unique users does not directly correlate with sales. Rather, it provides a loose understanding for how the game performed. In a post on NeoGAF , Titanfall producer Drew McCoy shares why we haven't seen sales numbers for the title. Titanfall... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Titanfall Update #8 Adds 4-Player Frontier Defense Horde Mode

    Update #2: Update #8 will arrive tomorrow, Thursday, October 23. It brings with it 17 new achievements, private match burn card sets, and new ranked play. You can read up on all the changes in the official patch notes . Update #1: Respawn has announced an upcoming mode for Titanfall that will add a new... More
  • Blog Post: Free Titanfall Update Adds New Mode

    You have to hand it to Respawn and EA. Instead of price gouging dedicated Titanfall fans for every single new piece of content, the developer and publisher have balanced paid expansions with free additions. The latest example of the latter is the inclusion of a new mode called Pilot Skirmish in the sixth... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall Gets DLC Release Date And In-Game Currency

    In a new blog post, Respawn has revealed a new “Black Market” to Titanfall along with an in-game currency. Don’t worry, though. The studio promises it will not introduce cash microtransactions into the game. The Black Market is a place you can sell unwanted burn cards and purchase themed... More
  • Blog Post: K'Nex Releases Titanfall Building Sets

    Today K’NEX toy company introduced the first line of their Titanfall licensed building sets. The six sets come at a variety of different sizes and price points, and include fan favorite Titans as well as battle scenes inspired by the game. The video below shows off a 360 rotating view of the two... More
  • Blog Post: Respawn COO: Single-Player Isn’t Ruled Out For The Titanfall Series

    Earlier this week, we had the opportunity to chat with Respawn Entertainment chief operating officer Dusty Welch to check in on Titanfall’s evolution since launch. Welch joined the company in January and previously served as senior vice president and head of publishing at Activision. He spent 13... More
  • Blog Post: EA Introduces 'Game Time' With 48 Hours Of Free Titanfall

    Starting today, you will be able to play Respawn's acclaimed sci-fi shooter for exactly two days through EA's new Game Time program. All you need is an Origin account. From the minute you start the game up, a timer starts for 48 hours. It doesn't end when the promotion ends, however. The... More
  • Blog Post: Respawn Reveals New Game Modes Coming In June Update

    With the full Respawn development team still focused on post-game content for Titanfall, the team has been tweaking matchmaking and balancing since the March launch alongside the planned map pack expansions. Later this month, it's dropping its biggest free update yet, which includes two new game... More
  • Blog Post: EA: Titanfall Is The Best-Selling Xbox One Game To Date

    In a conversation with EA chief operating officer Peter Moore, we learned some new details about Titanfall's performance. Unfortunately, the number of copies sold wasn't one of them. Titanfall has been incredibly strong on Xbox One according to Moore. "Sales are always going to be inhibited... More
  • Blog Post: Respawn Recaptures CTF Mode On PC, Offers Matchmaking Stats And Insight

    Last week, Respawn made a decision to remove Capture the Flag and Pilot Hunter modes from PC public playlists. The game types were still available in private matches and “variety” lists, but many fans lamented their removal as dedicated modes. Respawn has heard fans and will be restoring... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Respawn Removes Two Modes From Titanfall PC Playlists

    Update: Respawn has shared a blog post explaining the removal of capture the flag and pilot hunter as dedicated, public options. It seems that the majority of PC players gravitate toward attrition and hardpoint modes. "CTF and Pilot Hunter have not been widely used modes on the PC version,"... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall Xbox Companion App Out Now

    Yesterday marked the release of Titanfall’s first map pack ( read here to find out if it's worth a purchase ). Today, Respawn and EA have released something new to help you track stats and stay aware on the battlefield. The Titanfall Companion App will allow you to view your stats on the go... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall Update Jacks PC Frame Rate Up To ‘Extreme’ Levels

    A new Titanfall update (game update three) has implemented a number of changes to Xbox One and PC versions of the game. Among the tweaks is a new “extreme” frame rate for PC players that have the hardware to support it. If so, you can dial things up to 144 frames per second. The patch includes... More
  • Blog Post: See Titanfall's Expedition DLC In Action

    This month sees the arrival of Titanfall's Expedition DLC on Xbox One and PC, which includes three new maps. You can see the debut trailer below, which includes looks at the tree-filled Swampland, the industrial Runoff, and the training grounds of Wargames. Our Take: A recent poll on our site indicated... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall Xbox 360 Updates And DLC Will Lag Behind Other Platforms

    Respawn has detailed the way forward for Titanfall on Xbox 360 in a new update. Bluepoint continues to work on that version, and for the same reasons the initial release came later, updates and DLC will follow behind Xbox One and PC. Free updates, like Private Matches, will be coming to Xbox 360. Bluepoint... More
  • Blog Post: See A Titanfall Multiplayer Level Come Together From Start To Finish

    Earlier this week, we shared some images of one of the first Titanfall DLC levels. Swamplands takes players out of the city and into a murky wetland filled with overbearing trees above and mud underfoot. Level designer Chris “Soupy” Dionne says that Swamplands went through an extensive design... More
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