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  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Space Shooter Resogun Heading To Vita

    Developer Housemarque has announced that its voxel-powered Defender-like, Resogun ( our review ), will blast to another platform. Many have played the title on Vita with remote play. Now you’ll be able to do so natively. Climax Studios is handling the port, but additional details aren’t yet... More
  • Blog Post: Resogun: Heroes Expansion Announced

    New modes and a ship editor are on track to release later this month, and a new trailer shows off what we can expect. The excellent PlayStation 4 title may not be getting a sequel right now, but today brings news that the existing game is getting a new expansion, releasing later in June. Survival and... More
  • Blog Post: Developer Housemarque Teasing Local Multiplayer For Resogun

    A recent tweet from Resogun developer Housemarque appears to be teasing local multiplayer in upcoming DLC. The tweet in question , which you can see below, features two players with two separate PlayStation 4 controllers sitting side by side playing a game of Resogun as it is projected onto their faces... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Blog Asia Lists Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition For PS4

    According to a post on PlayStation Blog Asia Hong Kong , a PlayStation 4 edition of the Housemarque-developed, twin-stick zombie shooter Dead Nation is on the way. The game, along with the subtitle Apocalypse Edition, appears on a list of games coming for free to PlayStation Plus members in Asia starting... More
  • Blog Post: Housemarque Preparing Resogun DLC And Another PS4 Game

    Resogun, one of the PlayStation 4 titles available as part of the Instant Game Collection on day one, will be getting some additional content. Developer Housemarque is working on DLC for the title alongside another, unannounced project. The news comes by way of the game’s Facebook page, in response... More
  • Blog Post: A Defender Champion Shares His Thoughts On Resogun

    Billy Joe Cain is a Defender champion. He recently took part in a 32 hour marathon high score attempt on the game. Resogun is often compared to Defender, and Cain recently wrote up some of his thoughts on the game. Cain doesn't hold the record for overall highest score in Defender, but he he does... More
  • Blog Post: AIAS To Honor Defender And Robotron: 2084 Creator Eugene Jarvis With 2014 Pioneer Award

    The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences has announced that the 2014 recipient of its Pioneer Award will go to Eugene Jarvis, the creator of Defender, its sequel Stargate, and Robotron: 2084. Jarvis' Pioneer Award is the sixth to be awarded by AIAS. The award is offered to video game industry... More
  • Blog Post: Claim Your Free PlayStation 4 Games Without Actually Owning The Console

    When the PlayStation 4 launched on November 15, it brought with it two PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection titles. Resogun and Contrast are available right now, but what if you want to make the most of your PlayStation Plus membership without the console? Thanks to Sony’s online PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Housemarque Creates Clever Cake To Celebrate Resogun's Release

    The Housemarque team tweeted this image today to commemorate Resogun, the studio's first PlayStation 4 release. Each layer of the cake represents a location in the game. The creative dessert fits the Resogun world because the game's levels are cylindrical, requiring players to fight enemies in... More
  • Blog Post: Our PlayStation 4 Coverage Hub

    Since we're on the eve of the PlayStation 4 launch, we thought it'd be the perfect time to go back and see what's in store. We've had a lot of content come out this week on the system and its games. Below you can find everything categorized by news, features, previews, reviews, and test... More
  • Blog Post: Where Is Our Resogun Review?

    The embargo has officially lifted on PlayStation 4’s launch title Resogun, but we want to play it a little more before assigning our score. We’ve played through Resogun, and even replayed it, but we haven't been able to get our review units online to try out the game’s online co... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus In November Introduces PlayStation 4 To The Family

    Next month’s PlayStation Plus titles have been announced, and if you’ve got any current PlayStation console, you’re in luck. There are two PlayStation 4 games, three PlayStation 3 titles, and two Vita games coming at you. We’ve known that Contrast and Resogun will be available... More
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