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  • Blog Post: Resident Evil 6 Anthology Editions To Include Past RE Titles

    If you're willing to spend an extra $30 when you buy Capcom's upcoming Resident Evil 6, you could also score digital copies of a handful of past classics from the series. Today, on its blog Capcom-Unity , the company confirmed rumors that there would be special Resident Evil 6 Anthology editions... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Reveals Top PSN Downloads For December

    The PlayStation Blog released the bestsellers of the PSN during the month of December. Sonic CD took the lead, but there are some surprises sprinkled in there. I am happy to see LIMBO continuing to perform well despite releasing much earlier this year. Here's the list: Sonic CD inFAMOUS 2 Festival... More
  • Blog Post: Get A Deal On Resident Evil 5 Gold Content

    Only one day after all of the hardcore Resident Evil fans have already either downloaded the new levels and costumes or purchased Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Capcom has announced the Untold Stories Bundle, which is the cheapest way to access the new content. The bundle includes the two new levels... More
  • Blog Post: RE5 Gold Edition: You’re Not Ready For Excella

    Last week Capcom announced that always vogue Excella Gionne has coagulated after an unfortunate run-in with a laser, returning to Resident Evil 5 via the revamped Mercenaries Mode. Check out the video below to see Excella wield a deadly syringe, take out a Majini with her stiletto heels, and humiliate... More
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