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  • Blog Post: APA Responds To Aggression Study Criticisms From More Than 200 Psychology Academics

    Last week, the American Psychological Association published a report affirming that video games are linked to aggression . Following that, we also reported that in 2013, more than 200 psychology academics wrote an open letter to the APA expressing concern about the aggression task force, its methodology... More
  • Blog Post: Move Over Super Mario Maker, This AI Creates Levels Just By Watching YouTube

    With Mario Maker coming this fall, fans of gaming’s most popular mascot will finally get to try their hands at creating compelling stages. The machine revolution is upon us, and Skynet (or a relative thereof) has beaten us there. Researchers at Georgia Tech have created an artificial intelligence... More
  • Blog Post: New NPD Report Evidences Importance Of Mobile Gaming Amongst Youth

    The NPD has just issued findings of a new report titled Kids and Gaming 2013 that shows the increasing significance of mobile experiences in that demographic. The research indicates that children ages two to seventeen in the study group are reporting an increase in game time on mobile devices. In 2011... More
  • Blog Post: Computer Program Creates Puzzle-Platform Levels On Its Own

    A PhD student at Imperial College London has endowed a computer program he calls ANGELINA with the ability to create levels without any user input in this free-to-download puzzle-platform game. Game designers can sleep easily, though – their jobs are safe. For now. A Puzzling Present tasks players... More
  • Blog Post: Research Shows Changing Gamer Habits And A Flat Market

    According to the market research and consulting firm Newzoo , consumer behavior among gamers changed dramatically in 2012, while the video game market overall remained flat. Between the PC, television, tablet, and smartphone, consumers currently have four primary screens to access entertainment with... More
  • Blog Post: What Can We Learn From Monkeys Playing Video Games?

    Japanese researchers have studied how monkeys play video games in hopes of learning something about human self-awareness. Yeah, for real. The researchers, Takaaki Kaneko and Masaki Tomonaga, used a test designed for schizophrenic patients in order to determine whether or not chimpanzees are aware of... More
  • Blog Post: Researcher Finds Health Benefits To World Of Warcraft Play

    Colorado State University associate professor of anthropology Jeffrey Snodgrass recently published two studies that show mental health benefits to certain types of immersive video game playing. Snodgrass used World of Warcraft as a test bed to study the role of gaming as a stress reliever. The first... More
  • Blog Post: Does Gaming Together Improve Parent/Daughter Relationships?

    If there's one thing that we hate, it's those bad studies that say gaming can have negative effects on people! That's silly. Gaming doesn't affect our behavior. Unless, those effects are positive ones, in which case the studies are totally awesome and accurate. For example, a new study... More
  • Blog Post: Stanford Researchers Play Games In Real Life, With Real Life

    The Stanford Report recently shed light on research being conducted in the field of “biotic games.” Spearheading the project is Stanford researcher Ingmar Riedel-Kruse, whose team has devised a way to make simple video games command and influence the actions of a living microorganism in real... More
  • Blog Post: Study: Pro Gamers Have Reactions Of Fighter Pilots, Bodies Of Chain Smokers

    A researcher from the University of Essex in the U.K. performed a number of tests on competition-level gamers and compared the results against those of fighter pilots and professional athletes. The results showed mental acuity that rivaled the most elite examples in the other careers, while the gamers'... More
  • Blog Post: Study Shows Increase In Time Spent Gaming Online

    According to a 2010 online gaming study published by market research company NPD, the average number of hours spent each week gaming online has increased 10 percent since 2009. On the digital distribution side of things, 20 percent of all games purchased by online gamers were downloaded, up one percent... More
  • Blog Post: Gamers More Likely To Be Better Soldiers

    According to a study by the Office of Naval Research, video games can help adults process information quicker, and improve reasoning and problem solving skills. With that said, it may also be used in training to produce better soldiers. "We have discovered that video game players perform 10 to 20... More
  • Blog Post: 40 Million Gamers To Wear Stupid-Looking 3D Glasses By 2014

    As platform holders Sony and Microsoft do all they can to enter the motion-control market Nintendo’s flag has been so firmly wedged atop, intense research has been undergone on another form of immersive technology. According to market research team, Insight Media, 40 million gamers will be playing... More
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