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  • Blog Post: Sony Creating Original Programming For PlayStation 4

    During its E3 press conference, Sony proved Microsoft isn't the only company that can provide movies, television shows, and music to gamers by outlining its programming plan for PlayStation 4. Sony announced it's tapping Sony Pictures and Sony Music to create original programming for PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Signs Deal To Bring Redbox Instant Service To Live

    Xbox Live already has numerous apps that allow you to access on-demand and streaming movies and television programming. Soon, it will have one more -- Verizon's new Redbox Instant service. Currently, Redbox Instant is in a public beta, which you can access on the official site. According to Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: How Often Do You Rent Games?

    Renting games is certainly less of a financial commitment than buying every title that sparks your interest, but when do you know when to pull the trigger and buy a game? Gamasutra recently talked with Redbox’s video game VP Joel Resnik about the success of its video game rental service. It turns... More
  • Blog Post: Redbox Expanding Game Rentals In June

    Have you ever strolled up to the Redbox machine at the grocery store, inhaling fistfuls of Tabasco-flavored Cheez-its while thinking, “this thing should rent out games”? If you answered yes, then this news should bring a smile to your orange-stained lips. Redbox is expanding their game rental... More
  • Blog Post: Redbox Expanding To Game Rentals

    Super convenient Redbox kiosks will soon have something for gamers looking for more than just the dollar DVD. You will be able rent titles from these handy machines for $2 beginning later this month. The service charges $2 a day, but a speed run through some of today's shorter titles makes it possible... More
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