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  • Blog Post: Fan-Made Marston Model Kit Impresses

    Artist and Red Dead fan Mike Fleming has turned out one impressive Marston Model kit. Fleming conceptualized the piece, sculpted it, created the mold and then cast the statue himself. The sculpture was then painted by Randy Van Dyke. Fleming is selling his original work on eBay, committing to 50 kits... More
  • Blog Post: Hunt Jackalopes With Free Red Dead Redemption DLC

    Rockstar is throwing a new batch of Red Dead Redemption DLC off the back of the train on October 12. This free pack includes the hunting and trading outfits that were also-rans in the GameStop pre-order bonus voting. Completing the Savvy Merchant challenge allows you to buy guns and ammo from gun shops... More
  • Blog Post: Rockstar Details Liars & Cheats Pack

    Rockstar released new details on the second of four DLC offerings for Red Dead Redemption today, the Liars & Cheats Pack. Available to download on September 21, the newest pack augments both free roam and competitive multiplayer modes. Check out the laundry list of new content below. Multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: Brad Pitt To Play John Marston In Red Dead Movie?

    Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption was a smashing success, and we all know what success means for a video game: movie tie-ins! If the latest Hollywood rumor is to be believed, studios are scrambling to put together a big screen version of Red Dead starring none other than Brad Pitt (pictured above in... More
  • Blog Post: Gamers Hope To Break Record By Playing For 40 Straight Hours

    World Records are becoming a bigger and bigger deal in the world of gaming, with the legendary Twin Galaxies giving way to the Guinness World Records, Gaming Edition . This weekend, some players in the Netherlands are going to take a shot at one record in particular: The longest stretch of continuous... More
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