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  • Blog Post: 3,250 Lego Pieces Came Together To Create This Halo 5 Assault Rifle

    Lego creator Nick “Nick Brick” Jensen has crafted a new Halo creation with his impressive and surprisingly versatile Assault Rifle. As the headline states, the weapon is made of 3,250 Lego pieces, is 33 inches long, and weighs 5.5 pounds. It also has a working trigger, removable magazine... More
  • Blog Post: Enjoy The Majesty Of Halo's Start Screens Without Actually Playing The Games

    The Halo series has always had memorable start menus, but they're hard to enjoy when that pesky game keeps getting in the way. This website solves that issue. By heading to the website halome.nu , you can choose to loop the start screen menus of every Halo game, complete with the music and the background... More
  • Blog Post: Learn The History Of Halo With Did You Know Gaming?

    Learn how the original Halo almost had a spear gun, and had a rude code name the developers weren't comfortable saying around their parents. You can check out the video below from Did You Know Gaming which gathers an impressive collection of Halo facts in the nearly 10-minute video. You can check... More
  • Blog Post: Watch This Trailer For The Fan-Made Halo Helljumper Miniseries

    With no real Halo movie in the near future, devotees of Microsoft's flagship series can watch a fan-made miniseries beginning in January. The project, called Halo Helljumper , is an episodic series set in the Halo universe, and judging from the trailer below, the production values are surprisingly... More
  • Blog Post: Halo Waypoint Getting An Upgrade

    This Friday, Halo Waypoint will be getting a number of significant upgrades, adding some performance tweaks and new features to the Halo hub. Halo: Reach players will be able to access their complete service records through Waypoint for the first time, allowing them to check out detailed stats and progress... More
  • Blog Post: Test The Next 360 Update, Get A Free Copy Of Halo: Reach

    If you're a gamer who is interested in playing Bungie's latest (and final) Halo adventure, Halo: Reach, but you haven't yet purchased a copy, Microsoft has a great deal for you. Thousands of participants testing the next Xbox 360 update will receive a free copy of the game. Major Nelson announced... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Halo: Reach Defiant Pack In New Screens, Trailer

    This March 15, Halo: Reach is getting a shot in the proverbial arm with the release of the Defiant Map Pack. For 800 Microsoft Points, players will be able to access three all-new maps and 150 additional achievement points. Take a look at the trailer to see the maps in motion, and then check out screens... More
  • Blog Post: UPDATE: Send Us Your Favorite Multiplayer Halo Pic, Win Reach's Noble Map Pack

    UPDATE: WINNERS Goon217 , Jonathan Russell , Romar55 , xHitman88x , GarettXO , Todd Sauceda , poisonreap Click the user's name to see their submission. I'll be sending out the codes shortly. Congrats! ORIGINAL STORY One of the coolest aspects of Halo's online community is the file share feature... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Reveals Xbox 360 Black Friday Deals

    With the biggest shopping day of the year approaching this week, gamers are on the lookout for awesome deals. Lucky for you, Microsoft is happy to help. They've announced a whole bunch of great price reductions this week for both retail and downloadable offerings. From Friday, November 26 until Monday... More
  • Blog Post: Reach's Noble Map Pack Trailer Includes Explosions, Face Stabbings

    A little over a month from now, you'll be able to spend 800 Microsoft Points on a new Halo: Reach map pack. Until November 30 rolls around, watch this clip, drool over it, and use it as fanfic fodder. If you're still catching up on the Noble Map Pack, here are the official descriptions on the... More
  • Blog Post: Mythbusting Halo Reach

    Halo Reach has been out for a month already, but not all of its secrets have been uncovered yet. Did you know that you can pass through "one-way" shields with a carefully-placed assassination? Or that you can assassinate a player from their right shoulder but not their left shoulder? The brilliant... More
  • Blog Post: Over 16,000 Years Spent Playing Halo Reach So Far And Other Terrifying Stats

    Okay, Halo Reach is popular. Everyone gets that. But how often do you get to see a game's popularity quantified in such stark figures? Yesterday Bungie revealed that in its first month of release, gamers have already spent 16,445 years of total time playing Halo Reach. This stat comes with a bunch... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Will Be This Holiday's Top-Selling Game?

    So September NPD results came out this week, and (unsurprisingly) Halo Reach was the big winner . But that got me thinking: We're just now hitting the weeks of huge holiday releases. Of all the gigantic triple-A games coming out in the next few months, what do you think will end up being the best... More
  • Blog Post: Halo Writer Lightly Teases Bungie's Next Project

    Today at GDC Online in Austin, Texas, Bungie writer Joe Staten gave a keynote speech about "building worlds" in the Halo franchise. It was a pretty interesting panel and is worth reading about in full, but one tidbit stood out in particular: Staten dropped a small but possibly meaningful hint... More
  • Blog Post: Is Bungie Already Teasing Reach DLC?

    It's hard to say whether or not it's intentional, but a new picture in Bungie's weekly update clearly points towards new DLC. As you can see above, it lists 59 achievements for 1,250 gamer points. Reach features 1,000 points right now, so it looks like some new challenges are on the horizon... More
  • Blog Post: How To Unlock A Racing Mini-Game In Halo Reach

    It turns out shooting up tons of Covenant isn't the only way to spend your time in the Halo universe. The Halo-loving dudes over at Rooster Teeth have released a video showing off the method for unlocking the "Reach Racer" warthog-racing mini-game in Halo Reach. You'll need at least... More
  • Blog Post: Casualties Of Reach: Cabela's North American Adventures

    It's not easy being a game developer. You slave for months to craft the most epic hunting game yet, and Microsoft stomps all over your glory by popping out another Halo game on the same day. Luckily, the gents over at Mega64 are here to give Cabela's North American Adventures -- the other "final... More
  • Blog Post: Halo: Reach 'Deliver Hope' Short Is A Real Bummer

    Microsoft has released a new video for Halo: Reach, and even nonfans should give it a look. The live-action short depicts some of the sacrifices that Noble Team made in their doomed attempt to defend Reach from a Covenant invasion. It was directed by Noam Murro (director of Smart People ) and was filmed... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: Microsoft Is Not Selling Halo Reach For $1,250

    Earlier today, blogs and forums went crazy with the discovery that Halo Reach is apparently available on Xbox Live a month before its retail release for a whopping 99,999 Microsoft Points (just under $1,250). Just in case you got your hopes up and started saving up some quarters, I'll break the bad... More
  • Blog Post: Bungie Giving Halo: Combat Evolved PC Players A Parting Shout Out

    If you've been playing Halo on your PC since the days of Combat Evolved, you'll get a little something special in Halo: Reach to show for it. As Giant Bomb posted, players who activated their copy of Halo: Combat Evolved before May 26, 2010, can use that same authentication key to score the as... More
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