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  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: How Important Is The ESRB Rating?

    Dark Souls II, a historically 'M' rated series (admittedly, based on only two games) will be 'T' rated. How important is the rating to your appreciation of a game? Are you a young gamer with an appropriately limited library of available games to play based on your age? Or are you an older... More
  • Blog Post: The Binding Of Isaac's German Rating Raised For "Blasphemy"

    Inspired by the Biblical story of Abraham, The Binding of Isaac doesn't shy away from religious references. According to designer Edmund McMillen's Twitter page , that's the reason for a rating change in Germany. His tweet reads: "Turns out Isaac is the 1st and only game to ever get... More
  • Blog Post: Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow Has Hideous Nudity

    The ESRB has assigned an M-rating to Konami's upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. That part isn't surprising, but the description details the reasons behind the rating, and they definitely include topless green fairies and dragon ladies. Games catch a lot of heat from the mainstream media... More
  • Blog Post: WoW Rated In Australia

    Gamespot's Australian division is reporting that World of Warcraft has finally received a rating from the Aussie government's Classification Board. Though the game has been sold down under for nearly five years, this brings it more comfortably under Australian law, which states that games must... More
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