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  • Blog Post: Nintendo Manually Updated 17,000 Killer Instinct Arcade Cabinets To Combat Exploits In 1994

    Did You Know Gaming's latest episode takes a look at Rare's Killer Instinct. You will learn about how the game was nearly called Brute Force, how Orchid almost wore a red outfit and was almost called Roxy Rave or Wanda, and how the game brought in nearly $1,000 a week for some arcades. You will... More
  • Blog Post: N64 GoldenEye Track "Cradle" Has Heavy Metal Roots

    Legendary video game composer, Grant Kirkhope , is well known for his work on the Nintendo 64 soundtracks for Banjo Kazooie and GoldenEye 007. For the latter, Kirkhope found numerous inventive ways to play with and remix the classic James Bond theme while implementing his own original touch. For one... More
  • Blog Post: Foil Gruntilda's Plans Twice In Xbox Live Marketplace Banjo-Kazooie Bundle

    For those itching for some classic 3D jumping action this summer, Microsoft has released a collection of two N64 classics on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Titled the Banjo Games Bundle , both the original Banjo-Kazooie and its sequel, Banjo-Tooie, are now available for download together for the discounted... More
  • Blog Post: Conker Comes To Project Spark [Trailer Added]

    After more than a decade out of the spotlight, Rare's vulgar squirrel is back – and you can create his next adventure. Rare's M-rated mascot made a surprise appearance during a trailer for Project Spark at Microsoft's E3 press conference. The video announced that Team Dakota's game... More
  • Blog Post: Stop Hitting Yourself: T.J. Combo Comes To Killer Instinct [Trailer Added]

    Double Helix Games developed Killer Instinct for the Xbox One, but that doesn't mean the fighter is done. Iron Galaxy Studios is soon adding boxer T.J. Combo to the mix. Microsoft is prepping a season two of downloadable releases for Killer Instinct, and it looks like T.J. Combo is the first fighter... More
  • Blog Post: Rare Lays Off Staff In Wake Of Kinect Sports Rivals

    Microsoft's Rare is the latest studio to be bit with the layoff bug. The move follows the recent release of the developer's Kinect Sports Rivals. According to a report on Eurogamer, Rare laid off around 16 employees of the approximately 150-person team that worked on Kinect Sports Rivals. Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Former Rare Composer Says Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor Is Dead

    Awhile back former Rare composer, Grant Kirkhope (Banjo Kazooie, GoldenEye 007), said he hoped former Rare employees would start work on a spiritual follow-up to the Banjo Kazooie series. Today, Kirkhope confirmed the project’s early demise. Reddit user Twisty_Tie asked Kirkhope about the likelihood... More
  • Blog Post: Skeletal Warrior Spinal Joins Killer Instinct Roster Today

    Killer Instinct is getting its first downloadable character today. The cackling skeleton Spinal joins the fray. Spinal uses his spectral abilities to teleport, grab, and pop up opponents. He also can summon ghost skulls to throw at his foes. The new video shows off Spinal’s moves and his wriggling... More
  • Blog Post: Conker Creator's Rusty Pup Teased On Vine

    Chris Seavor, best known for creating Rare's Conker the squirrel and giving him his voice, is working on a new game called The Unlikely Legend Of Rusty Pup for the Wii U eShop . Today, Seavor teased some gameplay on Vine. Seavor's Vine doesn't reveal much that we didn't already know about... More
  • Blog Post: Kinect Sports Rivals Is No Longer An Xbox One Launch Title

    The Xbox One launch lineup is still a work in progress, as evidenced by a new delay that will push Kinect Sports Rivals from day one into 2014. The website Polygon broke the news, receiving official word from Microsoft that Kinect Sports Rivals has been delayed and will not available for launch. Some... More
  • Blog Post: First Screens Of Xbox One's Killer Instinct Revival

    A new trailer was shown for a brand new Killer Instinct coming exclusively to Xbox One. It had no numbers after the title or subtitles following a colon. The game is simply Killer Instinct. Along with gameplay, and the familiar over the top announcer announcing fighter names and shouting “Ultra... More
  • Blog Post: November Release Revealed For Xbox One

    In a pre-show interview with Spike TV for the Microsoft E3 press conference, more details were slipped for the release of the Xbox One. A developer with Rare revealed to host Geoff Keighley that the console will be released for November. An exact day has not been released as of yet. [Source: Kotaku ... More
  • Blog Post: Conker's Creator Is Working On Something For Wii U

    Christopher Seavor, project lead on Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Live & Reloaded, tweeted earlier today about the need to acquire Wii U development kits for his studio, Gory Detail. Along with being project leader and game designer on Conker, Seavor also voiced the vulgar squirrel, and... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Promises 'Historic' Franchise Reappearance From Rare At E3

    Today's Xbox One presentation was light on games, but it sounds like Microsoft has surprises up its sleeves for E3. Speaking with Polygon , Microsoft's Studios corporate vice president Phil Spencer confirmed that one of Rare's established franchises will be making an appearance at E3 this... More
  • Blog Post: Banjo-Kazooie Composer Creating Music For Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD

    Grant Kirkhope, best known for his work on Rare titles like Banjo-Kazooie, Perfect Dark, and Goldeneye, is creating the music for the upcoming Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD remake . Apparently he's pretty far along, too. Yesterday Kirkhope tweeted that he was finishing his final piece... More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft And Fox Come To Terms Over Killer Instinct Trademark

    Hope springs eternal for fans of Rare’s classic over-the-top fighting game, Killer Instinct. It originally appeared in arcades in 1994, before making its way to the SNES and Game Boy a year later. For over a decade, fighting game enthusiasts have been clamoring for a return to Ultratech’s... More
  • Blog Post: 55 Halloween Costumes Coming To Minecraft 360, Proceeds Go To Charity

    Starting tomorrow, Minecraft Xbox 360 players will be able to outfit their characters with 55 new Halloween-themed skins, OXM reports. Developer 4J enlisted the talents of The Behemoth, Twisted Pixel, Toylogic, Rare, and many more to create these spooky skins. This Halloween Skin DLC pack costs 160 Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Twelve Tales Conker 64 Gameplay Surfaces

    In the late 90s, Rare began work on Twelve Tales Conker 64, a sequel to Conker's Pocket Tales for the Game Boy Color. The team eventually scrapped the project and reworked it to be less cutesy and more sweary in Conker's Bad Fur Day. The website Rare Minion acquired 30 minutes of the canned project... More
  • Blog Post: Killer Instinct Trademark Renewed

    Perhaps Microsoft is planning on doing something with Killer Instinct after all. While there's no real details to work with here, Microsoft confirmed it renewed the trademark for the classic fighting game from Rare. "Our legal eagles have authorized us to say: 'We have either renewed or... More
  • Blog Post: Rare Job Postings Hint At Free-To-Play & Next-Gen Projects

    Rare has become recently known for its work with Microsoft's avatars, but the company may have plenty of other plans for its future. Superannuation at Kotaku has dug up some intriguing job postings by the company. One is looking for an engineer who can, "understand, assess, and be capable of... More
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