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  • Blog Post: Vlambeer: Resurfaced Luftrausers Clone "Just Trying To Steal Money"

    Last week saw the release of Vlambeer’s long awaited World War II flying ace title. But even before Luftrausers ( our review ) was ready for consumers, it was being cloned. Last year, Vlambeer successfully petitioned Apple to remove developer Rubiq Lab’s SkyFar from the App Store. Now, Rubiq... More
  • Blog Post: D.I.C.E. Conference Adds Keiji Inafune, Oculus Heads To Speaker List

    The annual industry convention D.I.C.E. usually features a who's who of video game designers giving presentations on a number of topics. Today, some new speakers, including Mega Man and creator Keiji Inafune, were added to the list of presentations. The new announced speakers announced today are... More
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