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  • Blog Post: Sony Addresses PS4 RAM Report

    Following a story last week about the PlayStation 4's RAM profile , Sony has taken the opportunity to provide clarification. As you might recall, last week we shared a report that the PlayStation 4 held 3.5 GB of RAM for operating system functions, 1 GB of which would be available on a flexible basis... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Report: PlayStation 4 Uses At Least 2.5 GB Of RAM For OS

    Update: Sony has provided a comment that, while being ambiguous about the actual RAM requirements for the OS, clarifies a bit about how the system utilizes its memory. Please read this story for the full details. A new report states that Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 console reserves 3.5GB of its... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Vita Allows Cross-Game Voice Chat

    The PS Vita may or may not have more rams than the Bronx zoo, but it definitely has more RAM than the PlayStation 3. This allows the system to perform cross-game voice chat through a new party system. Also, we apologize for that first joke. For a while it was rumored that the PlayStation Vita’s... More
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