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  • Blog Post: Nintendo Puts To Rest Rumors Of E3 Hardware Reveal

    Yesterday, there were thinly sourced rumors circulating that Nintendo might reveal new hardware at E3. With the flagging performance of the Wii U (estimated at a mere six million installed consoles worldwide), many have wondered if Nintendo might ramp up its development of a new console. If the company... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Can 'Do Whatever It Wants,' Says Iwata On Plans Outside Of Gaming

    A while back , Nintendo announced that it was creating a new division within the company focused on consumer health and quality of life. According to CEO and president Satoru Iwata, the move was an example of how while the company has made a name for itself with games, it sees itself as providing more... More
  • Blog Post: Nintendo Separates Quality Of Life Business Unit From Consoles

    Shortly after its disappointing third quarter financial report. Nintendo conducted an investor meeting during which it revealed an upcoming focus on health and quality of life. Today, company president CEO Satoru Iwata revealed that the new quality of life-focused unit would be separate from the traditional... More
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