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  • Blog Post: Submit Your Questions For Our Gears Of War 4 Podcast

    This month we've been rolling out content based on our trip to The Coalition to see Gears of War 4 , and now we want to give our readers a chance to ask their own questions to the developers. Do you have a question about Gears of War 4's tweaked gameplay, narrative, or even the history of the... More
  • Blog Post: Titanfall Artist To Hold Live Q&A On Twitch

    If you're devouring any Titanfall information you can before the game's launch, then you might want to tune into N0M4D's Twitch channel tomorrow to listen to Respawn's lead artist Joel Emslie candidly talk about the game. Randy Fitzgerald, aka N0M4D , is a huge fan of shooters. In spite... More
  • Blog Post: XCOM: Enemy Unknown Ask The Developer

    After our full month of XCOM: Enemy Unknown coverage, we’re all more eager than every to get our hands on the game, but you probably still have a few burning questions about the game that you’d like answered. Next week, we’ll be recording a special edition XCOM podcast where we talk... More
  • Blog Post: When Can You Stop Ignoring The Bugs?

    Like a lot of players, my gaming time has been monopolized by the latest installment of The Elder Scrolls series. The parts that are great about Skyrim are so great that it's almost too easy to overlook the terrible parts. And there are plenty of terrible parts. After encountering yet another big... More
  • Blog Post: Law Firm Seeks Class-Action Lawsuit Against Take-Two

    Game development involves some long hours, especially when a studio is on the verge of shipping a title. A law firm is seeking Take-Two QA testers as plaintiffs in a case involving due payment for hours worked. Alleging that testers were not paid properly for overtime (and some other benefits issues... More
  • Blog Post: QA With Rebellion On Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

    It seems like handheld shooter fans should have had their fill of Star Wars games. Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is the third entry for the series on PSP. As an online extension to issue 200 we had developer Rebellion’s Andrew Bell and Pat Alvarado talk about the new features in the game... More
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