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  • Blog Post: PixelJunk Inc. Renamed To Nom Nom Galaxy, Coming To Steam Early Access

    Q-Games announced a few new tidbits of information regarding the upcoming PixelJunk Inc. and PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate games. The biggest news is that PixelJunk Inc. is now known as Nom Nom Galaxy. Q-Games said in a press release that they wanted a name that “captures the spacey deliciousness... More
  • Blog Post: Q-Games Created Visualizers Coming To PlayStation 3

    Q-Games, the developer behind the PixelJunk series of games, is bringing a collection of music visualizers to the PlayStation 3. The app will be available on Tuesday, August 13 for a limited two-week price of $2.99. After that, the app will be $4.99. It will include six visualizers with names like Fibre... More
  • Blog Post: PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD Coming To PlayStation Vita This Month

    PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD is coming to the PlayStation Vita at the end of this month with new visuals, updated controls that take advantage of the touch-screen, and the same difficulty. It will be $14.99, and it will be available on July 30. This remake is being handled by Double Eleven, but the... More
  • Blog Post: PixelJunk Lifelike Gets New Name, New Trailer

    PixelJunk Lifelike, a collaboration between Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert and Japanese sound and visual artist Baiyon, is now called PixelJunk 4am. Sony also released a new trailer that shows off this game's intriguing mix of Move motion controls, techno music, and arty visuals. You can see the trailer... More
  • Blog Post: PixelJunk Monsters Goes Social

    The excellent PSN downloadable game is headed to social networks in the coming months. Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert announced the new project at the Casual Connect conference in Seattle. Cuthbert says the basic functionality of the tower defense game remain intact, with some changes made to better... More
  • Blog Post: Three New Games From PixelJunk Developer At E3

    Q-Games is responsible for some of the most memorable and enjoyable PlayStation Network releases with its ongoing PixelJunk series. Now the developer says it will be unveiling three new titles at this year's E3. Q-Games founder Dylan Cuthbert revealed the impressive number on his Twitter account... More
  • Blog Post: Q-Games Takes PixelJunk Racers For A Second Lap

    Q-Games is now known for their iconic and quirky PixelJunk series, and much credit is owed to the original PixelJunk title – Racers – for helping establish the franchise as a downloadable champion. Because Racers was Q’s first project, the decision was recently made to revisit it and... More
  • Blog Post: Inside The Belly Of PixelJunk Shooter 2

    If you happened to play through Q-Games’ PSN title PixelJunk Shooter, news of a sequel shouldn't come entirely unexpected. After being swallowed whole by a subterranean beast, it also won’t be much of a surprise that the shooter’s sequel takes place in a much more organic setting... More
  • Blog Post: ESRB Blows PixelJunk Racers Follow Up

    The Entertainment Software Rating Board once again comes through on rating a game that hasn't been announced yet. PixelJunk Racers: 2nd Lap is apparently rated "E" for Everyone, contains mild cartoon violence, and will appear on PlayStation 3. 2nd Lap could be a full sequel or simply an... More
  • Blog Post: PixelJunk Shooter Arriving Next Week

    It's a holiday miracle! Fans of the PixelJunk line of downloadable games for PlayStation 3 have a new early Christmas present to get psyched about. Q-Games president Dylan Cuthbert has announced on the PlayStation Blog that PixelJunk Shooter will be released December 10. Despite the name, PixelJunk... More
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