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  • Blog Post: Top Developers React To PlayStation 4

    Every new console causes excitement among gamers with promises of better graphics, more complex gaming experiences, and new functionality. However, it's often the opinions of the developers who make the games we play that really matter. Any system must court the world's best development talent... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Sony's List Of Confirmed Third-Party Partners For PlayStation

    Sony showed a slide which showed the logos of its confirmed PlayStation 4 development partners. Here's the list. Note: This list was transcribed from a screen grab, which got a little fuzzy. I wasn't able to confirm a few logos, particularly a few that were Japanese characters. We'll be updating... More
  • Blog Post: Here's Where You Think THQ's Properties Should Wind Up

    News regarding the sale of THQ's properties is set to hit sometime later today, and we'll be sure to let you know once it has. In the meantime, we wanted to revisit a question we asked you readers earlier this month. A reader discussion post asked where the best home for THQ's various properties... More
  • Blog Post: Publishers "Declining" By Milking Franchises

    Yesterday Ubisoft announced that it wanted to offer new iterations of its franchises every 12-18 months. While gamers certainly can't complain about getting more from their favorite franchises, some industry analysts think Ubisoft and other publishers' attempts to squeeze more out of the tube... More
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