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  • Blog Post: OlliOlli's Consoles And Steam Ports Releasing In July

    Roll7’s side-scrolling, pixelated Skateboarding game OlliOlli originally launched on the Vita, but now its release date for other platforms has been announced. OlliOlli is coming to PlayStation 4, PS3, and PC on July 22, according to a Den of Geek interview with director Simon Bennett during PAX... More
  • Blog Post: Trials Fusion's Day-One Patch Will Boost Resolution

    RedLynx's next challenging bike platformer Trials Fusion will be set in the future, but the game isn't so futuristic that it runs at a perfect resolution without a patch. When Trials Fusion releases tomorrow on Xbox One, it will run at a resolution of 800p, but a day-one patch will boost that... More
  • Blog Post: Harmonix Has Plans To Revive Rock Band And Dance Central Franchises

    At PAX East, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos said that the company has not given up on its two most successful past franchises. During his keynote address at PAX East, Alex Rigopulos said the company has "grand plans" to revive the dormant series. He did not talk specifics, but did say that he... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Sony Shares Details On The Last of Us Remastered For PS4

    Update #2: More details have been made available on The Last of Us Remastered, directly from Sony. The title is being brought to the new hardware by Naughty Dog. The title will include commentary over the cinematics by creative director and writer Neil Druckmann, voice actor Troy Baker (Joel), and voice... More
  • Blog Post: Opinion – Xbox One's Uphill Race To Catch PlayStation 4

    If Microsoft wants the Xbox One to have a larger worldwide install base than the PlayStation 4, it will face a harder road than it did in the last generation. Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the defining console of the last generation in North America. A year head start, lower initial price point, and games... More
  • Blog Post: Doom Beta Available Only On PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Requires Gold

    An FAQ recently posted on the Wolfenstein: The New Order website reveals that beta access for the upcoming Doom will be limited to new-gen consoles and PC. Doom beta access is being offered as a pre-order incentive for Wolfenstein: The New Order which is releasing on both previous- and new-gen consoles... More
  • Blog Post: Over 1,000 Indie Developers Now Licensed To Release On PlayStation 4

    In a new blog post , Sony thanks developers and fans with a variety of stats. One of the most notable is that 1,000 independent developers have now been officially licensed to sell their games worldwide on Sony consoles. Other stats are demonstrated in the blog post and matching video, including the... More
  • Blog Post: Project Cars Announces Morpheus Support

    Project Cars, the highly realistic racing sim from developer Slightly Mad Studios, has announced Morpheus support for the game's upcoming release on PlayStation 4. The announcement comes from a blog post on the developer's website , where Slightly Mad writes about how virtual reality is a perfect... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Is Replayability Important?

    Does a game need to be infinitely replayable in order to be considered good? Or is it enough to offer one worthwhile playthrough to be considered a classic? I have favorite games I will never tire of replaying, like Mega Man X. I’ve played the game so many times that battling my way to Sigma has... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Should The Camera Have Been Included With The PlayStation 4?

    Sony can't seem to keep its PlayStation 4 camera in stock . Should the console come included with the device? The Xbox One comes included with its camera peripheral, but at a cost. Microsoft's console is an extra $100 compared to Sony's, and much of that has to do with the Xbox One's... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Creates 16-Bit Final Fantasy XIV Tribute Video

    Presumably, after the success of the Final Fantasy XIII's 16-bit recap video , Square Enix has decided to create another for Final Fantasy XIV. The new video, which you can see below, depicts the battle a 16-bit battle against A Realm Reborn's Titan. For more on the game, check out some details... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Camera In Short Supply Thanks To Twitch

    Sony hasn't manufactured enough PlayStation Cameras to satisfy consumer demand and says it's due to the popularity of the PS4's Twitch livestreaming features. So far, Sony says that the attach rate of the PS Camera is around 15 percent, translating to approximately 900,000 units sold. That's... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Update To Broaden Capture Options

    Sony announced today some important changes on the way to its sharing technology on the PlayStation 4. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s Scott McCarthy discussed the new functionalities, which are on the way to PS4 through a software update in the “upcoming weeks.” Most significantly... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Horror Game Home Coming To PS4 And Vita Later This Year

    Part of Sony’s strategy this generation with the PlayStation 4 is bringing indie games to its console. It was revealed today on the PlayStation Blog that Home would be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita this year, continuing the trend. Home is a horror, murder-mystery title designed by Benjamin Rivers... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 And Accessories Prices Rise In Canada

    The price of the PlayStation 4, which is currently $399.99 (as it is in the United States) has been hiked up to $449.99 soon in Canada. According to a report from the Toronto Sun , which received confirmation from Sony Computer Entertainment Canada, the console is getting a $50 price increase today.... More
  • Blog Post: Console Modder Creates One-Handed PS4 And Xbox One Controllers

    Ben Heck of element14 , who takes requests and creates videos for assorted console modifications, recently created one-handed PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controllers. The full walkthrough of Heck's PlayStation 4 controller creation will premiere on element14 on Friday, but you can check out a video... More
  • Blog Post: DICE Teases Battlefield 4 Server Rentals Coming To Consoles

    PC players have been able to rent Battlefield 4 servers, and it looks like console players will be able to follow suit as well. When asked about the possibility of seeing server rentals on the PS4, an EA rep responded, "Indeed, it is coming. I'm afraid we don't have any information on this... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 3 Box Design Undergoing Change

    In an effort to make the boxes for PlayStation 3 games line up aesthetically with the boxes for PlayStation 4 and Vita games, Sony is changing the way they look. IGN noticed the change has already been put in motion when the box art for the upcoming PlayStation 3 game Deception IV had a header similar... More
  • Blog Post: Kingdom Hearts Survey Collecting Feedback For Square Enix

    Square Enix is asking for feedback for the Kingdom Heart series with a large survey. To take the survey yourself, head here . It asks a number of obvious questions, but also asks some bizarre questions having seemingly nothing to do with the Square Enix/Disney crossover. You'll answer questions about... More
  • Blog Post: Report: R.B.I. Baseball '14 Arriving In April

    According to a tweet from Darren Rovell , sports business reporter and correspondent for ESPN, we should be seeing R.B.I. Baseball '14 next month. According to Rovell's tweet , the game will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS, and Android devices on April 10. PlayStation 4 and Xbox... More
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