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  • Blog Post: [Update] Prototype And Prototype 2 Hit PlayStation 4 And Xbox One In Biohazard Bundle

    Update: Activision has published a blog post detailing the release of the Prototype Biohazard Bundle. The bundle, which was made available on Xbox One last night, will hit PlayStation 4 today. According to the blog post, both games have been updated to "feature full HD rendering, improved framerate... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] 2015’s First Month Delivers Infamous: First Light To PlayStation Plus Members

    Update: Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed the rundown of PlayStation Plus titles for January. In addition, The Swapper is available for all three systems, Duke Nukem 3D Megaton can be played on both Vita and PS3, and the PlayStation 4 version of Whoa Dave will be available in the cross... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 PC Still On The Way

    Radical Entertainment confirmed the upcoming release of Prototype 2 for PC is still coming next month as planned. Activision said the studio will no longer create games for the publisher and laid off a significant number of employees yesterday. "We're very proud of what we achieved with the... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype Dev Axed, Studio's Future Uncertain

    Activision confirmed there have been significant layoffs at Vancouver-based Radical Entertainment, the studio behind the Prototype franchise, and said it will no longer develop games for the publisher. "Radical is a very talented studio and has been a great partner to Activision," a spokesperson... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Prototype 2's New Weapon And Powers In Excessive Force DLC Trailer

    Activision and Radical Entertainment's Prototype 2 is continuing to add new DLC content to the game. Today, the Excessive Force DLC pack gives gamers a new weapon, some custom skins, and three cool force multiplier powers. Here's the complete list: Weapon Viral Infector Grenade Launcher Force... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 Leads Grim April Sales

    According to U.S. retail tracker NPD, total video game sales in April 2012 fell 32 percent year-over-year from $930 million to $630 million. Physical software sales dropped even harder, from $533.7 million to $307.2 million, a 42 percent decline. Microsoft's Xbox 360 led console sales for the month... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2's Second DLC Detailed

    Prototype 2 fans can go pick up the game's first DLC pack – Colossal Mayhem – today, but that's not all that Activision and developer Radical Entertainment have in store. The game's second DLC pack has also been announced, and it will come out on May 29 for $4.99 on PSN and 400... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 Live-Action TV Spot Falls From The Roof Of A Building Into The Internet

    Prototype 2 is only a few weeks, and as a reminder Activision has a TV commercial for us that contains no gameplay whatsoever. It does, however, feature Johnny Cash singing a Nine Inch Nails song, and a very angry man out for vengeance against the protagonist of the original Prototype. Check it out below... More
  • Blog Post: Activision Announces Prototype 2 Blackwatch Collector's Edition

    Activision has revealed that Prototype 2 is mutating into another form at retail this April. The Blackwatch Collector's Edition includes the game and a host of exclusive goodies. Here's what your $79.99 will score you: • Prototype 2 RADNET Edition Content • Free Prototype 2 DLC Pack... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 Pre-Order Offers 55 Pieces Of Content

    In what is becoming a cool, increasing trend amongst publishers across the industry, Activision and developer Radical Entertainment are offering a free special edition of Prototype 2 that's packed with cool content. Prototype 2's Radnet Edition is a limited offering for anybody who pre-orders... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype Morphing Into A Digital Comic Series

    One of the trickier parts of a sequel can be explaining how the events of the previous story line up with the new one. Radical Entertainment is tackling that challenge with help from Dark Horse Comics. An upcoming digital comic series will explain how players moved from Alex Mercer's story to new... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2's Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker In Action

    Prototype 2 has the g rossest coolest powers. Case in point, want to see a man get turned into a bioorganic bomb and then get kicked into a helicopter? Why not; the whole world once went crazy over a keyboard-playing cat. James Heller’s Bio-Bomb Butt Kicker ability is a pre-order bonus for those... More
  • Blog Post: There's A Whole Lotta Prototypin' Goin' On

    With all the games coming out this season, it's easy to forget about what's ahead in 2012. One of those games happens to be Prototype 2, and Activision isn't about to let you forget it. No sir. Not on their watch. The game will be playable for the first time this week at New York Comic-Con... More
  • Blog Post: Win A Prototype 2 Contest, Get Transported To The Worst New York City Ever

    Radical Entertainment appreciates its fans. That's why the Prototype 2 developer wants to extend a special offer to players: preorder the game through GameStop, get your name picked by a random drawing, and win a trip to visit Radical's Vancouver studios. To sweeten the deal even further, the... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 Coming Next April

    Activision has given an official release date to Radical Entertainment's Prototype 2. Players will be able to take James Heller's fight to the first game's antihero Alex Mercer next April. To be a bit more specific, the game is coming out April 24, 2012, on the PS3 and Xbox 360. While you're... More
  • Blog Post: Sink Your Claws Into Prototype 2's E3 Trailer

    Alex Mercer killed a lot of people in the first game. And that made someone very, very angry. IGN has posted the newest video of Prototype 2 on its YouTube channel a few days in advance of the game's appearance at E3. In the video, you start to get some backstory on just what is going on between... More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2 Trailer Features Penny Arcade

    Don't get too excited. This video is only 18 seconds long, but it does show a pretty sweet helicopter takedown. For some reason it also has some Penny Arcade business at the beginning. Take a look at this brief tease below: More
  • Blog Post: Prototype 2's New Leading Man Celebrates Least Cheery Xmas Ever

    Prototype main character Alex Mercer wasn't exactly the most friendly guy in New York City, but I'm starting to get the feeling that the sequel's new protagonist, James Heller, may not be much more pleasant. Activision sent out the holiday card above to my e-mail. Between the various fliers... More
  • Blog Post: Murder Your Maker Confirms Prototype Sequel

    Last week a cryptic piece of art on murderyourmaker.com left us guessing as to what the mysterious new game would be. Slated to be revealed at the 2010 Spike Video Game Awards, the website has preemptively been updated with a short clip that definitively marks the game as a followup to Activision's... More
  • Blog Post: Is This A Prototype 2 Teaser Site?

    The website Murder Your Maker is teasing an upcoming Spike TV Video Game Awards reveal. The popular theory on game blogs and forums is that it is a teaser image for Activision's Prototype 2. The website's only image (pictured above) features a bald person, a wall covered in maps and newspaper... More
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