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  • Blog Post: Half-Life 3 Protest Breaks Out At Valve

    Civil unrest has gripped the streets of Bellevue, Washington outside of Valve's headquarters…and by "civil unrest" we mean two dudes with cardboard signs and lawnchairs. These identified men set up camp outside of Valve's offices with cardboard signs reading "Canada 4 The... More
  • Blog Post: Public Library's Black Ops Tournaments Protested

    The Sacramento Public Library has been hosting Call of Duty: Black Ops tournaments to try to get young men into the building with some success, but two groups recently protested the library's strategy. "We shouldn’t be encouraging this kind of stuff. The public library has a moral authority;... More
  • Blog Post: The Video Game Voter Network's Hilarious Protest Movement

    The Video Game Voter Network is an excellent organization that helps gamers organize to fight laws and regulations that seek to restrict or limit the sale of games. Apparently, the staff there also has a wicked sense of humor. In protest of the California video game law that's going to be heard by... More
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