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  • Blog Post: Gamer Proposes To Girlfriend In Divinity: Original Sin's Game Editor

    Marriage proposals through games like World of Warcraft have become somewhat common, but it’s not often a proposal is built into the game as a quest. Developer Larian Studios helped a fan do just that by using dialogue creation options in the unreleased Divinity: Original Sin. Daniel initially... More
  • Blog Post: BioShock Super Fan Gets BioShock Proposal

    Saoirse is a huge BioShock fan. She is also now engaged. These two facts are actually related. Saoirse’s boyfriend Gareth enlisted the help 2K Games and Sander Cohen to arrange a BioShock themed proposal. Check it out below. I know you’ll be tempted to make fun of these people, because you’re... More
  • Blog Post: Gamer Proposes Through Portal 2

    We’ve seen nerdy proposals before, but this Portal 2 proposal raises the bar. If you’re single, you might as well give up, because this can’t be beat. Gary Hudston proposed to his fiancé Stephanie through a series of Portal puzzles, which he had commissioned himself. He even... More
  • Blog Post: 24 Caret Co-Founder Proposes Through His Own Creation

    Creative gamers ( and developers ) utilizing video games as a means to propose marriage isn’t unheard of. That being said, Matt Gilgenbach went above and beyond modding a level to a preexisting game, instead crafting an entirely new co-op experience in order to properly propose to his girlfriend... More
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