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  • Blog Post: Project Morpheus Has An Official Name: PlayStation VR

    At Tokyo Game Show 2015 during the SCEJA Press Conference, Sony officially announced that Project Morpheus will be known as PlayStation VR. More
  • Blog Post: E3 2015 Virtual Reality Roundup: Oculus, Morpheus, HoloLens, And More

    For the past three years, E3 has become an increasingly large stage for virtual reality leaders and hopefuls. This year, three major players all showcased new technology and experiences, with support from a variety of developers. We also got a chance to check out a couple of third-party peripherals that... More
  • Blog Post: Report: Sony Creates New Studio In England For Morpheus Games

    Sony has reportedly created a new development studio in Manchester, England for the exclusive creation of games for the company's Project Morpheus VR headset. Eurogamer points to multiple job postings for a "small but highly experienced team" in the northwest of England. Eurogamer has also... More
  • Blog Post: Project Morpheus Launch Lineup To Take Shape At E3

    The Project Morpheus VR headset already has a near-final prototype, which means developers now know the technical specs of the device and can transition from making short technical demos to producing full-fledged interactive projects. Sony president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida says we can expect... More
  • Blog Post: Sony's Project Morpheus Arrives In The First Half Of 2016

    Sony has provided some updated details about its virtual reality product, Project Morpheus. According to managing editor Matt Bertz, who is at the briefing, the image you see above is a near-final version of what the head-mounted display will look like when it arrives. As importantly, we finally have... More
  • Blog Post: Gearbox Is Tinkering With Oculus Rift And Project Morpheus Virtual Reality Hardware

    Last week, we got to see Battleborn’s competitive and cooperative gameplay in action. During the question-and-answer session, someone inquired about whether the studio had explored the potential of virtual reality, specifically Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. “We have development... More
  • Blog Post: Project Morpheus Support Coming To War Thunder On PlayStation 4

    Gaijin Entertainment's free to play dogfighter War Thunder is getting Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift support. The game, which is currently available on PC and Mac, released only recently for PlayStation 4 . Gaijin announced Project Morpheus support for the game, and says that comparable VR technology... More
  • Blog Post: Watch Sony's Project Morpheus Unveiling From GDC

    Sony announced that it was getting in the VR business during a presentation at last week's GDC. If you missed out on the unveiling , don't worry – the company has posted it in its entirety. You can watch the whole thing in the video below. For our hands-on impressions of the device, be... More
  • Blog Post: Three Demos, One VR Defining Moment With Project Morpheus

    GDC is rapidly drawing to a close, and the Game Informer team is bidding adieu to San Francisco tomorrow. Before we could leave the halls of the Moscone Center though, we had to make sure to stop by Sony's Project Morpheus demo. We had the opportunity to test the device alongside Sony engineer Anton... More
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