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  • Blog Post: Zelda And Peach Have An Epic Princess Throwdown

    The Mario Bros. have gotten into their fair share of tussles, and now it looks like their princess is getting into a brawl of her own against Hyrule's own ruler-to-be. Where are these kid's parents? Previously, AndrewMFilms gave us this look at Fallout vs Skyrim and this glimpse of a Lego first... More
  • Blog Post: Video Offers Update On Fan-Made Super Mario 64 Remake Project

    The Super Mario 64 HD remake project has a new video update showcasing levels, characters other than Mario, and some enemies. The project, which is a non-profit high-definition remake of the Nintendo 64 classic, is helmed by Aryoksini , mStuff , Callum Martin , Chadtronic and anyone else who wants to... More
  • Blog Post: They Actually Did 'The Mario' On Dancing With The Stars

    On last night’s episode of Dancing with the Stars , professional dancer Mark Ballas and Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson danced a freestyle inspired by none other than the plumber brothers. The result was a lot less cringe-worthy than you might expect. Ballas jumped in Mario’s shoes while... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Who's Your Favorite Gaming Princess

    In honor of national Princess Peach month, we get down to the pit of the matter by asking a hard hitting question. Okay, National Princess Peach month isn't a real thing, but it actually is National Peach month, and Nintendo thinks that includes its popular princess. August is National (Princess... More
  • Blog Post: Real Estate Blog Figures Out How Much Princess Peach's Castle Is Worth

    Princess Peach's castle is a nice piece of real estate, but have you ever wondered how nice? Using the castle's front doors in Super Mario 64 as a reference for size, real estate blog Movoto figured out how much Peach's castle might cost. You can check out the full breakdown below which even... More
  • Blog Post: Samus, Zelda, And Peach Are Miyamoto's Angels

    In this amusing web video, some creative filmmakers have recast Nintendo's iconic trio of female characters in a Charlie's Angels parody. As far as Internet spoofs go, this is a pretty funny one -- especially if you're a fan of the original '70s Charlie's Angels show. There are several... More
  • Blog Post: Princess Peach Bottle Cap Art Is Old School, Awesome

    What do you get when you combine a bunch of plastic bottle caps, 16 acrylic paint colors, Perl scripts, and six months of your life? This awesome Princess Peach art! The artist found on Instructables who goes by "Skeplin" documented the process of creating this excellent piece of art (minus... More
  • Blog Post: Miyamoto And Friends Evaluate Fan-Made Mario Flipnotes

    To celebrate Mario’s recent 25th anniversary, Nintendo held a contest asking users of the DSi’s Mario Flipnote to make special cartoons. The creators of Super Mario Bros. watched and critiqued the best of the best, offering unique commentary on some pretty adorable Mario toons. Mario creators... More
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