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  • Blog Post: Video Game Analyst Michael Pachter Announces His Next Generation Predictions At SXSW

    Michael Pachter, renowned video game analyst, held a presentation at South by Southwest (SXSW), where he shared his predictions about the upcoming generation of video game consoles. Images of Pachter's presentation come care of Geoff Keighley on Twitter . Among his many predictions, Pachter said... More
  • Blog Post: Analyst Reveals Next-Gen Predictions

    Rumors are coming at a faster clip as we approach the inevitable release of next-gen consoles, and an analyst has added his post-CES predictions to the heap. They include potential price points, release windows, and a surprisingly grim outlook for Nintendo. Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Baird Equity... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Games Will Be Announced In 2013?

    It’s the beginning of a new year. What game franchises do you think will get a newly announced installment in the next 12 months? 2013 promises to be a huge year in gaming. It’s the first year in the life of the Wii U, and both Sony and Microsoft are expected to announce new consoles as well... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: Tell Us Your E3 Predictions

    E3 2012 is coming up next month, and we want to know what you think is going to happen. What is going to be announced, or perhaps more importantly, what isn't going to be announced? Will Half-Life 3, or Episode 3 suddenly appear? Will everyone's press conferences be free of embarrassing post... More
  • Blog Post: Capcom Estimates Sales Numbers For Their Upcoming Titles

    The image above comes from a Capcom financial document, and reveals their sales expectations for several upcoming games. As you can see, they're expecting Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City to be a big seller by moving 2.5 million units. It looks like Street Fighter X Tekken is next, with an expected... More
  • Blog Post: What's Ahead? Game Informer's 2011 Predictions

    Last year we made our predictions for 2010, with mixed results. Hey, you can’t win ‘em all. This year, we’re doing the same thing. Well, we obviously won’t be making the same predictions. That would be crazy. Anyway, here are a few of our ideas on what you can might be seeing—and... More
  • Blog Post: Game Informer's 2010 Predictions--How'd We Do?

    Last year, we gazed into our crystal balls/made a few educated guesses about what 2010 would hold for the gaming industry. Some of our predictions were spot on, while others were a bit off the mark. Join us as we examine our biggest hits and misses, and start thinking about what 2011 will bring. We’re... More
  • Blog Post: Kojima Sees A Future Without Consoles

    Hideo Kojima and his Metal Gear series are major players in the gaming world, which is why some people may be surprised at his vision for the future of the industry. Speaking at an event for his studio's upcoming PSP title, MGS: Peace Walker, Kojima explained his belief that consoles are on the way... More
  • Blog Post: EA Sports Calls Super Bowl, Saints Over Colts 35-31

    Unless you’re in it for the ads, there’s no longer any reason to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. EA Sports has announced the results of its sixth annual Madden NFL sim, which put the New Orleans Saints above the Indianapolis Colts with a score of 35-31. According to the simulation, which... More
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