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  • Blog Post: Fez Is Getting A $100 Physical Limited Edition Three Years After Release

    Despite releasing three years ago, and its creator Phil Fish announcing his departure from game development while canceling the game's sequel – Fez is getting a re-release. This special, limited edition version of the game is $100, releases December 18, and features packaging designed by Phil... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Coming To Sony Systems Today

    You've probably heard of Fez by now. In fact, you've probably played Fez by now, unless you exclusively play games on Sony platforms. If you do take that approach, Fez is now available to you, too. It hits the PlayStation Store today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. Though the game... More
  • Blog Post: Polytron Shares Fez Vita Footage

    Fez is coming to Vita, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4, and developer Polytron tweeted out a short Vine showing Fez (sort of) in action on Sony's handheld. In the Vine clip, which you can see below, Fez protagonist Gomez doesn't actually do anything, but the game is definitely running. Oh, hey... More
  • Blog Post: Phil Fish Won’t Release Fez II For Xbox Platforms

    The outspoken indie developer has had a troubled relationship with Microsoft, and stated in a recent interview that his planned platform for Fez II is "not Xbox." Fish's Fez, which garnered high praise for its inventive, perspective-shifting puzzles, was released on Xbox 360. However, Fish... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Programmer Not Returning For Fez II

    Phil Fish was the creative force behind the original Fez, but he did have help. Renaud Bédard was the programmer on the game. If you've seen Indie Game: The Movie you will know that Bédard was an integral part of Fez. We reached out to Bédard to find out if he would be returning... More
  • Blog Post: Second Remix Album Continues To Commemorate Fez's 1-Year Anniversary

    Last month , Fez's composer, and a handful of his musician friends put together an album remixes the music from Fez. Part two, which adds an additional 24 tracks, is available now . The first remix album only had two tracks from the original composer, Disasterpiece, but this follow-up has five. You... More
  • Blog Post: Fez's Creator Reflects On The Game's 1-Year Anniversary

    Fez released one year ago today and its creator, Phil Fish, reflects on its progress and reveals its sales numbers. According to Fez's one-year anniversary blog post , to date Fez has sold 200,000 units on the Xbox Live Arcade. In the posting, Fish also comments on his reputation. Fish is an outspoken... More
  • Blog Post: Mario Imagined As A Modern Indie Game

    An artist who goes by the name Arun Dhir posted this interesting piece of Mario art that imagines the art style as though it came straight out of Fez. The cool art was called out on Reddit , and a commenter pointed interested viewers towards a Pixel Joint page that features more of Dhir's work. More
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Issues Statement Regarding Fez Patch Issues

    Fez creator Phil Fish released a statement recently as to why his company Polytron would not be fixing its problematic patch. Microsoft has released its own statement. “Polytron and their investor, Trapdoor, made the decision not to work on an additional title update for FEZ. Microsoft Studios... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Patch Will Not Be Patched

    Last month a Fez patch was pulled because it created a new problem with the game. The patch is back, but it's the same patch, and sadly, it seems like we've seen the last of Fez patches. According to the Polytron Blog , last month's patch problem will not be resolved because, "Microsoft... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Gets Patched, Then Un-Patched

    Fez received a patch yesterday that fixed a huge number of bugs, but inadvertently created one that corrupted save files. After posting an update on its blog with a huge list of fixes, Polytron followed up with another post saying, "There is an issue that seems fairly widespread where the save file... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Sales Surpass 100,000 Copies

    The acclaimed Xbox Live Arcade title Fez has sold 100,000 copies, developer Polytron announced this morning. Development for Fez began in 2007 and finally released this past April, earning a number of excellent reviews, including our own ! [Source: Polytron ] More
  • Blog Post: The Fez Soundtrack Is Full Of Hidden Messages

    Apparently, when you look at the actual files of the Fez soundtrack with a spectrogram, you'll find images of historical figures and scannable QR codes, one of which reveals a series of dates. None of the secrets seem to interact with the game directly. It doesn't seem to reveal hidden areas... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Fixes Coming Soon

    Fez finally came out on Friday, and we liked it quite a bit , but its release to the general public hasn't been entirely without hiccups. Many Fez players are experiences game breaking glitches and in some cases, the game won't run at all. Developer Polytron has issued a statement regarding the... More
  • Blog Post: Indie Platformer Fez Releasing In April

    Fez, the perspective-bending platformer from sometimes controversial indie developer Phil Fish, was first revealed back in 2007 and has been slowly inching toward completion since. Now it's finally here, and we'll be able to see if it was worth the wait in just a few weeks. Over on the official... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Developer Slams Japan: "Your Games Suck"

    Phil Fish, the outspoken developer behind the upcoming indie platformer Fez, had some harsh words for a Japanese developer at GDC. According to Develop Online , the incident occurred at a screening of Indie Game: The Movie , a documentary on the independent game development scene that prominently featured... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Creator Has Harsh Words For Nintendo's WiiWare Service

    If you've ever felt underwhelmed by Nintendo's WiiWare service, don't worry: You're not alone. Indie developer Phil Fish, creator of the upcoming downloadable title Fez, didn't hold back in his explanation for why his title won't be appearing on the Wii. Speaking to Destructoid... More
  • Blog Post: New Fez Footage Out Of PAX East

    Reassuring followers that the game is indeed slated to release this year, new Fez footage was set free at PAX East this weekend. The much-anticipated game has garnered a significant amount of buzz since its debut, including nabbing an Excellence in Visual Art award at the 2008 Independent Games Festival... More
  • Blog Post: Fez Dev Sends Up A Signal Flare, Game Coming In 2011

    We'll give you a pass if the name Fez doesn't ring any bells. Chances are you've heard of the game, but you've probably just forgotten about it over the years. It's been shown at indie roundups at trade shows for several years now, and as the Escapist points out, the game's developer... More
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