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  • Blog Post: After Pokémon And Dark Souls, Twitch Is Now Attempting To Play Fallout 3

    After TwitchPlaysPokémon, watching Twitch facilitate the crowd-source playing of video games has become a strange phenomenon. Fallout 3 is the latest to participate in the trend. You can find the stream by heading here . Things are going... slow. As it turns out, Fallout 3 is a very complicated... More
  • Blog Post: Get A Good Look At Luchador Pikachu In Pokkén Tournament

    We've seen the mysterious masked Pikachu before, but this trailer offers an extended look and the electric mouse luchador in action. Pokkén Tournament – a Pokémon fighting game that has some roots in the Tekken franchise – is coming to Wii U next year . It's actually... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: How Far Would You Travel To Catch A Pokémon?

    Nintendo and Pokémon developer Game Freak recently announced a partnership with Niantic Labs to work on a Pokémon game that will have players traversing the real world in order to capture those adorable little critters once again. But how far are you willing to travel for your favorite... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon Shuffle Now On IOS, Android

    Pokémon Shuffle arrived on 3DS earlier this year, and now the free-to-play match-three game is available on iOS and Android devices. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile features more than 150 collectible critters, as well as Facebook integration to help any of your friends who are also playing the game... More
  • Blog Post: This Pokémon/GTA V Mash-up Gets Weird Fast

    The catchy opening theme song to Nintendo's pocket monster series looks a lot weirder in Grand Theft Auto V. NeoGAF has unearthed the following video from YouTube user Merfish , who put together a shot-by-shot recreation of Pokémon 's intro in GTA V. Various painted denizens of Los Santos... More
  • Blog Post: Boston Police Prevent Violent Plot At The 2015 Pokémon World Championship

    The 2015 Pokémon World Championship took place in Boston this weekend, and police are reporting it arrested of a pair of men on Friday threatening violence against attendees. According to a report from myfoxboston.com , police were alerted to threats on social media and the pair, 18-year-old Kevin... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Video Game Universes Deserve Their Own Theme Parks?

    Disney announced plans for a Star Wars theme park today and we learned in May Nintendo has theme park plans as well . What video game universes would you like to explore in a theme park setting? Would you want to walk through tall grass and have wild creatures attack you Pokémon world? Experience... More
  • Blog Post: We're All Prisoners Of Operant Conditioning Chambers (And We Love It)

    YouTube channel RagnarRox recently dove into the idea of continuous rewards and how it's far from a concept invented by video games. In the video, RagnarRox discusses the operant conditioning chamber or Skinner box, which is an experiment about distributing rewards, and how it applies to video games... More
  • Blog Post: This Pokémon Blue Speedrun will Break Your Mind

    Games Done Quick speedrunners ripped through Pokémon Blue and all 150 Pokémon in under two hours, and then raced the game blindfolded for kicks. Games Done Quick, which is still going strong and has raised just over $800,000 for Doctors Without Borders, is no stranger to impressive displays... More
  • Blog Post: See All 45 Of Yoshi Woolly World's Amiibo Transformations

    YouTube users GeneralSecura and Master0fHyrule worked together to craft a video showcasing all of Yoshi's Amiibo transformations in the upcoming Yoshi's Woolly World. The game released in Japan on July 16 (it's planned for release in October 16 in North America) which is why footage of all... More
  • Blog Post: This Is What Pokémon Looks Like As A Gorgeous Open-World Game

    We've already seen what Mario looks like running around projects created with Unreal Engine 4 . Now it's another Nintendo IP's turn. This video shows off what the original three starter Pokémon look like beyond the limits of Nintendo's handhelds, complete with Charmander spewing... More
  • Blog Post: Dave & Buster's Arcade Chain Considering Bringing Pokkén Tournament To North America

    Pokkén Tournament, the Pokémon/Tekken hybrid arcade game, may be heading to North America by way of Dave & Busters. In a reddit AMA with Kevin Bachus, Dave & Buster's senior vice president of entertainment & game strategy, he remarked on the possibility of bringing the game... More
  • Blog Post: Perhaps The Cutest Pokémon Cosplay You'll Ever See

    A video posted on Reddit shows one of the cutest cosplays yet – a happy baby dressed up as Magikarp from Pokémon. No information accompanied the video, but from what we can see, it appears dad is dressed up as famed Dragon Ball Z character, Goku. Of the hundreds of Pokémon out there... More
  • Blog Post: 'Amiibo Rap' Video Perfectly Parodies Pokérap

    Whether you care about Nintendo's collectible figures or not, there's no denying that they have become a phenomenon within the gaming community. With the latest video by D Piddy , the Amiibos are matched up with a blast from the past: the Pokérap from the Pokémon anime. In addition... More
  • Blog Post: Gotta Play 'Em All With Pokémon Jukebox App

    The Pokémon Company International launched the Pokémon Jukebox app today. This Android-exclusive app contains over 200 songs from most games in the beloved series. Pokémon Jukebox is free, with optional in-app purchases. Users can "encounter" up to three new songs a day... More
  • Blog Post: These Six Winners From The Pokémon Art Academy Competition Will Be Made Into Custom Pokémon Cards

    Today Nintendo revealed the six winning illustrations from the recent Pokémon Art Academy competition. The drawings, featured in the gallery below, were all created with the 3DS game Pokémon Art Academy. Of the winning six, half belong to the Dress-Up Pikachu category and half are from... More
  • Blog Post: Pokémon Shuffle Update Adds New Content

    Nintendo's free-to-play match-three 3DS puzzler gets an update that will make pokémon easier to catch among other changes. Here's the list of what to expect. The new Super Catch Power consumable can be used to greatly increase the odds that you will successfully catch a pokémon... More
  • Blog Post: Free-To-Play Pokemon Rumble World Coming To 3DS

    At today's Nintendo Direct, it was announced that the free-to-play Pokemon Rumble World will be coming to the 3DS eShop on April 8. The game will feature over 700 Pokemon and use diamonds as currency, which players can acquire through gameplay or through eShop purchase. Combat looks like an incredibly... More
  • Blog Post: Give Into Pikachu Dark Side With This Limited Time Shirt

    We've never wondered where Pikachu gets hit electric powers, but it seems that he might be a sith lord. It's not unusual for Ript Apparel to combine Star Wars with Pokémon, but today's shirt is particularly awesome and totally worth dropping an 11 spot on. Ript Apparel sells a new... More
  • Blog Post: Get A Free Latios Or Latias In Pokémon Omega Ruby Or Alpha Sapphire Today

    Depending on what version of the recent Pokémon you played, either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, you got either a Latios or Latias during the storyline. Now's your chance to get the other one. By booting up Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire today and going to Mystery Gift, Receive Gift, and then... More
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