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  • Blog Post: PSA: Get Your July PlayStation Plus Games Before They’re Gone

    Today is the final day to get your six July PlayStation Plus titles . If you hesitate, you’ll lose out on them when the catalog refreshes tomorrow. This month’s offerings include Towerfall: Ascension and Strider for PlayStation 4, Dead Space 3 and Vessel for PlayStation 3, and Muramasa Rebirth... More
  • Blog Post: August PlayStation Plus Games Include Crysis 3, Dragon’s Crown, And Two New Releases

    Sony has announced the six titles coming to PlayStation Plus on August 5. This is as good a time as any to remind you to grab your six games from July before they disappear from the catalog. On PlayStation 4, you’ll get Road not Taken and Fez. Road not Taken is a roguelite with procedurally generated... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Network Drama Series Powers Selects Director

    The upcoming PlayStation Network exclusive drama series Powers , based on the comic book of the same name, has some new details. Announced during E3 , the show will be available as part of a PlayStation Plus subscription, though the first episode will be free to everyone starting in December. The first... More
  • Blog Post: Reminder — Get Your June ‘Free’ Games Before They Expire Tomorrow

    Today is the final day of June, which means both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Games with Gold are turning over tomorrow. If you haven’t downloaded your games, be sure to do that today. On PlayStation Plus, Mutant Mudds Deluxe ends its week in the Instant Game Collection. Rotating out with it... More
  • Blog Post: War Thunder Latest Free-To-Play Offering PlayStation Plus Starter Pack

    Gaijin Entertainment’s free-to-play dogfighting title War Thunder is now available on PlayStation 4. Following in the footsteps of Warframe and Blacklight Retribution , Gaijin will be offering something special for PlayStation Plus members. Beginning July 1, those with an active membership will... More
  • Blog Post: Blacklight: Retribution Exits Beta With Free Goodies For PS Plus Members

    Blacklight: Retribution from Zombie Studios has been in beta on the PlayStation 4 since the console’s November 15, 2013, launch. The free-to-play game is coming out of testing and into full release tomorrow, and there’s something in it for PlayStation Plus members. In addition to new maps... More
  • Blog Post: Mutant Mudds Deluxe Free For A Week With PlayStation Plus

    Remember those big changes coming to PlayStation Plus ? They go into effect on July 1. That means that this week’s addition to the Instant Game Collection can be yours at no additional cost for just a week. Renegade Kid’s Mutant Mudds Deluxe on Vita tasks you with cleaning up a world gone... More
  • Blog Post: Terraria Joins PlayStation Plus This Week

    With E3 beginning to fade in the rear-view mirror (and its games returning to the distant horizon), it’s time to focus on the here and now. Here’s what you can look forward to on PlayStation Plus this week. Joining the Instant Game Collection is Terraria, a side-scrolling crafting and exploration... More
  • Blog Post: Pixeljunk Shooter, Trine 2, NBA 2K14 Storm PlayStation Plus This Week

    PlayStation Plus in June kicks off with three of the month’s six titles. Both PlayStation 4 offerings and one for PS3 are available tomorrow when the store updates. Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate and Trine 2 Complete Story will become available for PlayStation 4 owners tomorrow. NBA 2K14 also joins... More
  • Blog Post: Changes Coming To PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection In June

    The six PlayStation Plus titles for June have been announced, along with some changes coming to the program. Starting in June, each month will feature two titles each for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Vita. In addition, starting in July, all six games will be available from the first Tuesday of the... More
  • Blog Post: Limbo And Battlefield 4 Trial Join Instant Game Collection Tomorrow

    It might be Memorial Day, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to ignore this week’s PlayStation Plus games. There’s something for both PlayStation 3 and Vita owners that are part of the program are this week. The regular Instant Game Collection title is Limbo for Vita. Playdead’s... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus Members Can Download Skullgirls For Free Tomorrow

    If you're a subscriber to the PlayStation Plus service and still have your PS3 hooked up, Skullgirls Encore from Reverge Labs will be available for free tomorrow. It will be the only new free game, but the service is also offering lots of discounts on items in free-to-play titles like Blacklight... More
  • Blog Post: [Update] Driveclub’s PlayStation Plus And Full-Priced Versions Detailed

    Update: Sony has changed its mind about tying the $50 upgrade access to PlayStation Plus membership. Game director Paul Rustchynsky shared the update via Twitter. UPDATE> If you have #DRIVECLUB PS+ Ed & upgrade, we'll ensure you keep full game access even if your PS Plus runs out http://t... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus Offers Up Stick It To The Man And PES 2014 This Week

    This week’s Instant Game Collection kicks off the month of May for PlayStation Plus members . This lead-off week features one of PlayStation 4 and one for the PS3, but both are focused on your extremities. On PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to get Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 . Konami’s... More
  • Blog Post: May PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Will Leave You In Limbo

    There’s still one more week of April’s Instant Game Collection left, but Sony has already unveiled what we can expect next month. As usual, there are six titles: one for PS4, three for PS3, and two for Vita. Coming to Sony’s new hardware is Stick it to the Man, a point-and-click game... More
  • Blog Post: Castle Of Illusion Is This Week’s PlayStation Plus Game

    Sega’s redesigned classic, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse ( our review ), is this week’s Instant Game Collection title. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll be able to download the title after the store updates tomorrow afternoon. As a reminder, today is your... More
  • Blog Post: Stealth Inc. Is This Week’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection Title

    With no weapons and no armor, Curve Studios' Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark is a purist’s sneaking experience. But what if you aren’t a genre die hard and want to give it a try risk-free? If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you can do that starting tomorrow. When the PlayStation... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus April Instant Game Collection Starts With Mercs And Bats

    Tomorrow kicks off the first week for April’s Instant Game Collection . It also marks the launch of Mercenary Kings on PlayStation 4 , but you won’t have to open your wallet for it if you are a PlayStation Plus member. Don’t fret if you don’t own a PlayStation 4 yet, though. The... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Plus In April Lets You Become The Dark Knight And The Most Famous Mouse

    Sony has announced the lineup of titles for April’s Instant Game Collection. This coming month will see three for PS3, two for Vita, and one for PS4. Mercenary Kings will be headed to PlayStation 4 on April 1, so it’s a strong bet that will be your first title of the new month. Also planned... More
  • Blog Post: Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Closes Out March Instant Game Collection

    Don’t shed a tear for the end of March’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection offerings. Instead, take up arms and skulk through the wilds as you hunt your prey. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for PSP (and Vita) rounds out March’s offerings. You and up to three of your friends can... More
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