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  • Blog Post: Sony Adds 105 More Games To PlayStation Now

    Sony has announced a huge update to its on-demand game streaming service. Starting today, PlayStation Now includes 105 more games for rental and membership use. Capcom has gone all-in on the service, adding a number of Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Mega Man, and Dead Rising games. The update also includes... More
  • Blog Post: Thirteen Frightful Games Added To PlayStation Now

    October is underway, which means you can start satisfying your cravings for pumpkin spice and horror movies. Sony is getting in on the action with 13 new games arriving on the PlayStation Now streaming service. All of these titles fit the frightful theme, including some element of horror or monsters... More
  • Blog Post: Five Assassin’s Creed Games Land On PlayStation Now Service Tomorrow

    The first five games in the Assassin’s Creed series will arrive on Sony’s game streaming service tomorrow. If you happened to miss Altair, Ezio, and Connor Kenway on PlayStation 3, you can play catchup in advance of Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s release. Assassin’s Creed... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Gets A Makeover, Extra Game For July

    Sony's PlayStation Now service has gotten a new visual overhaul. To mark the occasion, the company is adding six games to its lineup, as opposed to the usual five. The new additions include the Infamous 2 spin-off Infamous: Festival of Blood , Wheel of Fortune, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One , Sound... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Game Streaming Available On Some Samsung Smart Televisions

    Sony has announced that the PlayStation Now game streaming service is going outside the family for the first time. If you own a Samsung smart television, you may have access to a library of PlayStation 3 titles for rent. According to Sony's list of compatible devices (which has not yet been fully... More
  • Blog Post: June's PlayStation Now Streaming Game Additions Include Samurai And Snipers

    Sony has announced five more titles for its PlayStation Now streaming service, starting tomorrow. This month brings an assortment of games from a different genres and targeted to different age groups. For the younger players in the house, Puppeteer and Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Begins Offering PlayStation Now Rentals As Pre-Order Bonuses

    Sony has announced that pre-orders for God of War III Remastered are now available. As usual, there are a handful of bonuses for those that commit early. One piece of the offer stood out, though. In addition to a dynamic theme featuring Kratos, those that pre-order will be getting PS Now rentals. You’ll... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Adds 17 Titles To PlayStation Now

    If you happened to have been asleep last generation and missed an Ubisoft game or two, you might want to take a look at PlayStation Now. Sony’s game streaming service is now home to 17 of the publisher’s titles. These include full retail releases and digital-only games. Here’s the full... More
  • Blog Post: PS Now Users Can Sign Up For Subscriptions On PS3 Starting Next Week

    Sony has announced that its on-demand game streaming service, PlayStation Now, will be fully realized on PlayStation 3 next week. While the a la carte, single-title rental has been up and running on that system, the subscription option (currently available on PlayStation 4) has not been. Starting on... More
  • Blog Post: New Devices And Games (Including Uncharted 3) Added To PlayStation Now Service

    Sony has announced the introduction of five more PlayStation 3 titles to the PlayStation Now service. Additionally, you can now access the streaming service on more devices. Coming to the service this month are the following titles: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Hustle Kings Ninja Gaiden Sigma Super Stardust... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Welcomes Five New Games In March

    Sony has announced a handful of titles that will be added to the PlayStation Now streaming subscription service in March. The games are: Infamous 2 Twisted Metal (2012) R-Type Dimensions (featuring R-Type 1 & 2) Alone in the Dark: Inferno Operation Flashpoint: Red River For more on PlayStation Now... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Adds Five Games To PlayStation Now Service, Including Uncharted 2

    If you are a PlayStation Now subscription holder (or simply use the service on a per-rental basis), the library is about to get a bit bigger. Sony has added five new titles that you can start playing tomorrow. February 3. Each of these games appeared on the PlayStation 3 (though one as an HD remaster... More
  • Blog Post: Sony To Launch PlayStation Now Subscription Program On January 13

    Sony has announced plans to offer a subscription-based approach to the PlayStation Now streaming service. The option to pay a flat rate for game rentals delivered over PlayStation Network will begin later this month. Beginning on January 13, two plans will be offered. Monthly access will cost $19.99... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Coming To Samsung Smart TV's in 2015

    Sony Computer Entertainment and Samsung Electronics are partnering to bring game streaming to Smart TV's in the first half of 2015, Sony announced today. The PlayStation Now service, which will allow TV owners to play hundreds of PlayStation 3 games streamed from the cloud, will be an app included... More
  • Blog Post: Mass Effect 2 And Other EA Titles To Be Available On PlayStation Now

    Sony and Electronic Arts have partnered up to bring gamers five titles – including Mass Effect 2 and Mirror's Edge – via Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service currently in beta. Mass Effect 2, Mirror's Edge, Dead Space 3 (above), NBA Jam On Fire Edition, and Bejeweled 3 can... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Open Beta Available On PlayStation 3

    The millions of Sony fans who haven't yet upgraded to PlayStation 4 can now take the company's streaming gaming service for a spin. According to PlayStation Blog, Sony's ongoing PlayStation Now open beta has now been released for PlayStation 3 in U.S. and parts Canada. The post also announced... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Open Beta Officially Live

    PlayStation Now's open beta is officially live on PlayStation 4. PlayStation Now is not an app you download. Instead, the service is integrated into the PlayStation Network store. You will find a section in the store titled PlayStation Now, where you will find more 122 different titles available... More
  • Blog Post: Reader Discussion: What Are Your Thoughts On PlayStation Now Pricing?

    PlayStation Now has moved into open beta and the prices we wrote about during its previous beta phase haven’t changed dramatically. While the publisher has suggests a subscription might be in the works, right now the only options are different length rental periods (four hours, seven days, thirty... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Enters Open Beta Tomorrow, Lowering Some Prices Soon

    PlayStation Now, the service that will allow PlayStation players to stream and play classic PlayStation games through their PlayStation 4, enters open beta tomorrow. Starting tomorrow, PlayStation 4 players will see Now integration into the PlayStation Network store. You can check out a walkthrough video... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation Now Beta To Launch For Sony Smart TVs On June 30

    If you're buying a a select model premium Sony 2014 television, you will be able to access the beta for Sony's PlayStation Now streaming service in a few days. The news was announced in a press release on the Sony blog, which also discussed a new like of 4K Ultra HD televisions. Sony's PlayStation... More
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