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  • Blog Post: Spotify Arrives On PS4 This Spring Offering Custom Background Soundtracks

    Sony has announced a new service called PlayStation Music powered by Spotify. You’ll be able to link your PSN account to Spotify and sign-up and access the music group’s premium service. In addition to streaming music, the new service will allow users to have custom background tunes in games... More
  • Blog Post: Axiom Verge Has Speedrun Mode, Still Looks Awesome

    Tom Happ's five-year indie project looks to be the 2D Super Metroid sequel we've been dreaming of. Recently, Happ shared details about a special mode designed for speedrunners. Happ outlines the new mode at PlayStation Blog , which will provide speedrunners with an equal playing field. Normally... More
  • Blog Post: Planetside 2 Earns A World Record For Online Players In An FPS Battle

    The Guinness Book of World Records has certified a new title holder in the first-person shooter genre. Sony Online Entertainment’s Planetside 2 now holds the record for most online players in a single battle. The record was inaugurated by the original Planetside, which then lost it to Man vs. Machine... More
  • Blog Post: CD Projekt RED Answers Fans’ Burning Witcher 3 Questions

    After finally letting press get hands-on with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Projekt RED decided it was time for fans to get a little treat, too. Today it held a Twitch stream to show off 15 minutes of gameplay. Afterwards, the team answered questions from fans. We compiled some interesting takeaways from... More
  • Blog Post: Sony Charity Auction For 20th Anniversary PS4 No. 00001 Closes At $128,000

    Of the individually numbered and extremely limited 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 units available, only one can carry the number 00001. Sony held onto that specific console in order to auction it off for charity, and that listing has now closed. The first of 12,300 consoles sold for ¥15,135,000 ... More
  • Blog Post: Mortal Kombat X Character Reveal Coming Next Week

    Series creator Ed Boon is teasing a Mortal Kombat X character reveal for next week. Boon, who loves to tease news and reveals on Twitter, tweeted out the image you see above promising we will learn who's next in Mortal Kombat X's roster on its Twtich channel, twitch.tv/netherrealm next week.... More
  • Blog Post: Daedalic's Silence Adds PlayStation 4 To List Of Platforms

    Daedalic Entertainment's upcoming adventure game, Silence, has added PlayStation 4 as the latest console it will be releasing on. Previously, Silence was only slated to release on Xbox One, PC, and Mac, but according to Steffen Boos, Daedalic Entertainment's studio manager, adding PS4 to that... More
  • Blog Post: Deep Silver Bringing Free-To-Play All Points Bulletin: Reloaded To Consoles

    Deep Silver has announced a deal with Reloaded Games and The Workshop Entertainment to bring APB: Reloaded to consoles. The free-to-play title is headed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The Workshop Entertainment has played a role in bringing The Evil Within to consoles and developed the Mr. Torgue’s... More
  • Blog Post: New DriveClub Update Adds Five Japanese Tracks, Rainbows, More

    DriveClub players can now download a new update to the game, which brings it up to version 1.10. It adds five new tracks set in Japan with a total of 11 variants, new weather effects, changes to A.I. behavior, and more. The update weighs in at more than 3 GB, so you might want to start downloading it... More
  • Blog Post: Koei Tecmo's Toukiden: Kiwami Dated For North America

    The enhanced Vita/PS4 version of Koei Tecmo's popular Vita monster hunting game now has a North American release date. On the PlayStation Blog, Koei Tecmo's Chin Soon Sun revealed the news. The game will be available both as a retail game and digitally for PlayStation 4 and Vita on March 31.... More
  • Blog Post: DmC: Definitive Edition On PS4 And Xbox One Release Date Pushed Forward

    DmC: Definitive Edition, the current-gen upgrade for Ninja Theory’s 2013 Devil May Cry, is coming earlier than originally announced. When it was revealed last month , DmC: Definitive Edition was slated for a March 17 release date. Today, Capcom announced the date is being moved up a week. DmC:... More
  • Blog Post: Grim Fandango Remastered Now Available For Pre-Order

    Grim Fandango Remastered, the update to the classic Lucas Arts point-and-click adventure game, is now available for pre-order. You can can pre-order it for PC on Good Old Games here , or you can go ahead and commit on PlayStation by heading here or by heading here . Below you can check out a video from... More
  • Blog Post: PSA: PlayStation Network Going Down For Four Hours Due To Maintenance This Week

    You might want to change your Thursday multiplayer plans. Starting Thursday, January 15 and 9:00 a.m. PT and going until 1:00 p.m. PT that afternoon, access to the PlayStation Network will be limited. Routine PSN maintenance Thursday 1/15, 9am-1pm Pacific. Log in prior to retain online play/app access... More
  • Blog Post: The Last Of Us Remastered Edition Now Included In A PS4 Bundle

    One of the best games on the PS4 and PS3 is being included in a PlayStation 4 bundle for free. The new bundle includes the standard 500GB PlayStation 4 and the game for the regular price of $399. It's unclear if it's the download or disc version of The Last of Us: Remastered. The console itself... More
  • Blog Post: Destiny's The Dark Below Patch Focuses On Crota's End Raid

    Bungie has issued a new patch for Destiny which address some of the issues affecting The Dark Below and its Crota's End raid. You can check out the full list of patch notes by heading here . In it you will find a number of small very specific fixes like, "On the Sniper Rifle, Black Hammer, the... More
  • Blog Post: Ubisoft Offering 12 Free Jimi Hendrix DLC Tracks For Rocksmith 2014 On Current-Gen Consoles

    Ubisoft is offering 12 free Jimi Hendrix DLC tracks for Rocksmith 2014 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 . The only catch for grabbing the free tracks (other than owning the current-gen version of the game) is you must grab them before January 31. If you're playing the game on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360... More
  • Blog Post: Bastion Sales Exceed 3 Million, Transistor Sales Pass 600,000

    Supergiant Games has announced some impressive sales numbers for its pair of games. Bastion released in 2011 ( you can read our review here ) starting on Xbox 360, but has moved onto a number of other platforms ( including a release on Vita, soon ) and has sold more than 3 million copies. Transistor... More
  • Blog Post: Dragon Ball Xenoverse Gets Small Delay

    Dragon Ball Z's current-gen debut is going to take a little longer to release, but only a few days. Originally set for release on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 17, the game will now now be available on February 24 – an extra day of waiting commemorating every... More
  • Blog Post: PlayStation 4 Debut Delayed In China

    Sony has delayed the release of the PlayStation 4 in China at the last minute due to various factors. The news comes from Reuters based on a statement from the company. A source with the company in China says the delay is due to "prolonged negotiations" with Chinese officials, and that a new... More
  • Blog Post: Planetside 2 PS4 Beta Launches January 20, Sign-Ups Still Open

    Sony Online has announced the start date for the Planetside 2 beta on PlayStation 4. As promised the test will begin later this month. The test will start with a few thousand players on January 20, with more waves added as the period progresses. Selection will take place chronologically related to when... More
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