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  • Blog Post: Terraria Surpasses One Million Downloads On Mobile And Console

    Developer Re-Logic has shared some impressive milestone numbers for all of its non-PC versions of Terraria. Across Android and iOS, Terraria has sold more than 1.3 million copies. Across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Vita, Terraria has sold had a combined 1 million copies. The mobile version of the game... More
  • Blog Post: Metal Sonic Charges Into Sonic Generations

    Sonic's metallic doppelganger is confirmed for Sonic Generations. This official Sega news lines up with the supposedly leaked full stage list for the game, which labels Metal Sonic as a boss fights. Could Sonic Generations include a remake of the 2D side-scrolling race against Metal Sonic? If that's... More
  • Blog Post: PS3 Jailbreak Software Integrated Into DualShock

    In response to Sony's recent PlayStation 3 firmware update that blocks USB jailbreaking, someone on the Internet has found a workaround by tweaking a standard controller. No one in the world is surprised about this. Someone under the name "hasuky" has hacked a DualShock to enable it to... More
  • Blog Post: Portal 2 Could Be The Greatest Game Ever Made

    Sure that’s a subjective statement, but after seeing the latest Portal 2 videos for yourself you might have trouble arguing with it. Thermal Discouragement Beam Pneumatic Diversity Vent Repulsion Gel Propulsion Gel More
  • Blog Post: Final Fight: Double Impact Brawling Onto PSN, XBLA

    Did you hear that classic Capcom characters Guy and Cody will be entering the fray of Super Street Fighter IV? You don’t know who Guy and Cody are, you say? Come this April, Capcom is making sure that everyone with access to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade has a chance to catch up... More
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